How Modern Technologies revolutionized our lives and relationships


If you’re a single actively seeking a partner, have you ever considered the online option? More and more individuals are being tempted to go down this route. 

Today, around one-in-three relationships are likely to have been instigated in the virtual environment. So why do millions of people across the globe subscribe to these sites? Why are they rapidly becoming the ‘default’ method for socializing singles? 

The answer: technology. Dating services employ various tools and features that make matchmaking seamless. Here we’ll take a deeper dive into how technology has revolutionized our lives and relationships.



One of the most powerful dating sites tools has been to match individuals through unique algorithms. These are computer programs designed to sift through the website’s database, looking for ideal partners based on the information you provide when you register and compile your page. 

Let’s take advantage of plus-sized individuals keen to connect with kindred spirits. If you’re a guy eager to meet more prominent ladies, you can check out reviews of the best BBW sites on a specialized review platform before deciding which would suit your needs. 

Once you’ve joined a site, the algorithms can fine-tune your demands, searching for site users who might make ideal BBW partners based on the details you’ve provided. Are you looking for someone with particular hair color? What about your preferred age group? 


All these factors can be considered, allowing the computer system to produce a list of those site users who would appear to meet your demanding standards!

Bespoke websites

A while ago, developing any new website required considerable IT knowledge. Foremost amongst this technology would be the ability to write screeds of computer coding, such as Java

The advent of bespoke design websites has meant templates can be easily downloaded and customized with only a fraction of the experience. Coupled with the knowledge that the dating industry is highly lucrative (and currently turning over billions of dollars per annum), more and more entrepreneurs are being drawn to launching matchmaking sites. 


These are now covering all sorts of topics, presenting a bonanza in possibilities for newcomers to the scene.


Most desktop websites will have an app version available for download from your favorite App Store. The advantage of hooking up to a dating app is that you can enjoy access to your account 24/7. 

You might be commuting to work or study, and instead of aimlessly browsing through social media posts, you could be busy flirting with other site users, developing chemistry that might lead to hot dates soon!



Geolocation is another fantastic technology that enables encounters to be arranged with minimal fuss. In much the same way as social media such as Snapchat can pinpoint the exact whereabouts of friends, dating services can display other members nearby. 

You can exchange messages and arrange to meet at an appropriate rendezvous point. This is particularly useful for anyone looking for casual encounters with whoever happens to be in the vicinity!

Review services

The explosion in dating outlets does present one problem. How do you decide which particular site to join? The answer is to consult one of the many growing numbers of review services. 

These provide in-depth analysis of a cross-section of sites, checking out various aspects – navigability, special features, branding, and how much it costs to become a feepaying member. They will also incorporate direct links to each site’s homepage (and registration form).

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