Roblox.con – How Much is a Million Robux worth 2022


How to play roblox.con? We are asking because we get many strange things related to the con version of Roblox available in this game. Every gamer wants to know the platform from its every corner. They have queried every moment and look into the Internet to solve them. To help them, we are here.

This article will reveal every layer of Roblox and present every section with all its information to let you know everything about the gaming site and its games. A whole bunch of unfolded information is waiting to get revealed.

What is roblox.con?

The platform is a world-famous gaming platform and contains a massive game collection. According to the records, the platform is gaining, and ten new games are launched on the platform daily. 


Now the total supply of available games is nearly 45 million. On Average, each player spends more than 100 hours on this platform weekly.

The total number of active players on the platform is nearly 4.5 million. And the number is increasing. The most crucial thing that holds the audience in its place is the massive variety of genres and games. Everyone can find their favorite genres and suitable games. 

About the gaming currency?

The Roblox is wholly dependent on a currency named Robux. The primary factor of the game. With Robux, you can unlock premium games and other premium avatars and gaming tools. 


There is a separate store option available for exchanging your Robux with your preferred merchandise or toys in the stores of roblox.con.

How to earn Robux?

  • The most accessible option for Robux is playing games and earning Robux. But that is not enough sometimes. That’s why there are several ways.
  • Another way is getting promo codes is by collecting various gift cards and promo codes. You can redeem the codes on roblox.con to get the rewards.
  • Different well-known brands such as Microsoft and Xbox offer discounts and Robux coupons to redeem and get the service.
  • Some third-party websites are also there that can generate Robux free, or they will ask you to do some simple task to get rewards.

What are the available promo codes for 2022? 

There are some available promo codes for roblox.con 2022 is available, which are mentioned below:

  • FXartist
  • Thingsgobloom
  • Boardwalk
  • Economyevent2022
  • Amazonfriend2022
  • Targetminthat2022
  • Lkwing05

What are the con games of Roblox?

Now, let’s reveal the central fact of roblox.con. Some games are available that are named con games in the Roblox. However, these games are getting banned from the platform because they updated their policy and banned harmful content for kids.


These con games contain content like smuggling, terrorism, and other non-social activities, which can harm the children’s minds. Several developers are still developing such games now so that people can find similar games every time.

Where to find con games?

Though these games are banned from the platform, they delete such content every time, allowing all gamers and game developers to launch their games. So, gamers can get the con games. 

However, the platform’s AI intelligence detects the game and deletes it after some time. Players can find the games easily from various discord servers. It would be best to go to the browser and type as con games discord.


A whole list of all available servers will open. You need to click on the servers, and once it opens, they get you all available links of the recent games available to play.


Here is everything about roblox con in this article. We try to gather all information and updates about the game and go through this article carefully to learn everything about the topic.

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