How Much Do Shein Workers Get Paid | (Updated July 2022)


Have you ever wondered how much Shein workers get paid? It is the biggest fashion brand in the world with affordable (promocode) yet trendy clothes. Here is the detailed info. 

It deals in accessories,(Exciting deals) shoes and much more items. The platform has reached worldwide and gained clout in the United States. Do you want to find the salary paid to their workers at a different level? If you are interested in a job at this company, this article will help you find the correct salary approximation of payment done to the staff. Read further to know all the details related to this topic.

What is Shein?

It is a Chinese fashion brand making online fashion available to every part of the world. The company started drop shipping in 2008, but later Chris Xu in Nanjing, the founder, turned it into a retailer. It began as an online retailer but soon opened many offline stores in malls and metropolis cities.


All the products available in stock get directly manufactured in Guangzhou. Continue reading to know How much do shein workers get paid? The popularity of this brand began with TikTok/other social media handle influences who have promoted it vigorously.

If you have an account on any of these platforms, you must have come across a shein haul video. The brand has become so popular that its worth is more than a hundred billion dollars. 

How much do shein workers get paid?

After performing a survey, we collected data from the working members of Shein company to make a list of How much do shein workers get paid, are:

Job             Salary
Retail sales associate             $16 per hour
Warehouse Associate             $12.00 per hour
Copywriter             $34,889 per year
Social Media Manager             $69,882 per year
Marketing Manager             $20,997 per year
Event Coordinator             $39,455 per year
Marketing Executive             $41,167 per year
Inventory Coordinator             $47,985 per year
Warehouse Worker             $28,654 per year

This list gets made from the experience of previous and present workers in Shein company. It is not the definite salary given to every individual.

Does this company promote child labor? 

It is one of the biggest fast fashion brands with thousands of stores and millions of orders to fulfill. In 2020 Shein was flooded with purchases, and the audience wanted to make haul videos with multiple dresses. The company needed manpower but did not have enough capital to invest. 

But after the investment from many companies, this problem got solved. 


How much do shein workers get paid? Much notorious news was circulating against the company’s reputation. It included its horrible work conditions and low pay for the workers in factories. 

Some people also stated that Sheen uses child labor as a sewer in their manufacturing industries. But there was no legitimate proof of these allegations.

According to a recent analysis, all the fast fashion companies have been undermining the wage laws. Fashion Nova, a major rival of Shein, paid $2.8 per hour to their workers. After this revelation, Shein has been promoting #equal pay for all and claims to give extra benefits best salary to all the employees.

Review of workers at Shein


According to our research, 72% of people working under these companies are satisfied with their job benefits and salary. It has received an average rating for the work ambiance, life balance, and culture. We found several comments stating that it has fewer opportunities for promotion and career growth.

Let us find out: How much do Shein workers get paid? Shein is a good brand for influencers and ambassadors in the United States because it allows you to work at your convenience and make good content. 

There are very sparks of working with it. You can choose the outfit you want to wear as a model. But if you look at it from the salary perspective, many workers have given it low ratings.


Hence, the company is trying to share a better workspace with the employees and improve its policies. They have released many new bases for improvement in salary packages of the people. It is also implementing sustainable manufacturing methods for a better environment.

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