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What is an Evil guesser Among us, and how to access them? This article has detailed all related info about Evil guesser and Nice guesser; know how to get them.

Some of you know a little about it, and some don’t have a clear idea. Among us is a popular game all over the game. The spaceship and off-beat theme work to grab a massive audience. There are different exciting features available that grounded the audience towards the game.

The full action mode, different gaming elements, brainstorming tricks, and intelligent work are somewhat interesting and entertaining while playing the game. These games are always trying to introduce new features. Whenever there are some new features, people try to get deep into it and know everything. 

What are the other roles available in Among Us?

We are going to share all updates about evil guesser among us. But we are also bringing some exclusive information about the other role. Some people are still not aware of all the roles. First, we must clear the older roles and jump into the newly introduced rules.


There are seven different roles available in this game which are:

  • Crewmate
  • Scientists 
  • Engineer 
  • Imposter 
  • Ghost
  • Shape-shifter
  • Guardian angles. 

About crew mate

We must go through the primary roles before getting entangled in evil guesser among us. Crewmates are those players who are the massive population in the game. 

Their main task is completing the tasks and being alive from the enemies. Another exciting part of their gameplay is identifying the imposters and winning over them.

To win the game, one must complete all the tasks or kill all Imposters. If they successfully win, all their task will be completed, and no imposters are alive in the game. 

About Scientists 


This role is not an old update; the character was introduced last year. They are part of crew mates with some extra benefits. They have an access monitor, which is portable and vital to winning the game. The best fact about the monitor is it is accessible in all locations.

About Engineer 

This is also introduced with the contemporary Period with scientists. These characters also have extraordinary powers, making them travel through different vents without difficulty. They are also a part of crew mates. 


We are on our way to discuss everything about the evil guesser among us. But there are some connected things that we must outline before anything else. Imposters are the opponent of crewmates, and they are always on target to kill the crew.

When they are done with half of them, they get the chance to sabotage. So, crew mates must be very careful with them.



There are two types of ghost crew mates ghost and imposter ghost. Imposter ghosts are fully dedicated to sabotaging and helping imposter win the game, and crew mate ghosts always help to complete the task to winning the crew mate.


This is a special kind of role and recently launched. They have the power to cultivate them as a living player from an imposter. Though the time limit is strict, it is a kind of trump card to win the game.

Guardian angles

The main work of a guardian angel is to protect living players from being killed. They played an extraordinary role in the game. But yes, there is one condition to apply such power, which is the Guardian angles must be in the form of a ghost to apply their power to protect others. 

What about the evil guesser among us?

Recently two new and innovative roles have been added Among us: nice guesser and evil guesser; the nice guesser is part of the crew while evil is the part of the imposter. 


There is a lot of buzz about the evil guesser; that’s why we are collecting all information about it. They can shoot any preferred player in the game, but the one definite rule is they must know the player’s role and guess the role to shoot them.

If they guess it right, they will be shot directly and dead, but if the guess is wrong, the guesser will die due to a wrong guess. These roles add a little twist and turn to this game, and one can easily access them with the mod pack available in the game’s inventory. 


Hence, the evil guesser among us is an exciting role. This role can be the showstopper and the victim of lousy gameplay. One must use it very carefully and with full attention. You must work on your brain to guess the correct answer. It is ideally a do-or-die situation for the evil guesser.

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