How to Get Free Clothes From Shein? All for Free (2022)


Find how to get free clothes from Shein? In this article, we suggested some tried and trusted tips by which you can get it all for free. Also, know how to earn points easily.

This is something that can be lit up the mood of every shopping lover. Shein is a great brand to get stylish, trendy clothes in an affordable range. It is one of the main female attractions. This is why this e-commerce brand got trusted in a few days and became popular.

The deal we are talking about today is mind-blowing. The most popular. Some doubt which are the program even real? Entirely the matter is entangled with many queries, and let’s explore them in this article.

How to get free clothes from Shein 2022?


Let’s reach the point directly because shein doesn’t need any explanation or introduction. This fashion e-commerce brand is a revolution in the fashion industry. According to our recent analysis, we found some ways available to get free clothes which are mentioned below.

  1. Trial activity participation for free
  2. Loyalty point
  3. Special coupon code

Shein free trial

Let’s dig into the free trial activity to know the method of the program. The activity is about trying their new apparel for free and reviewing them on their app. 

Every week people must try products three times, and after trying the product, one has to get an edge-to-edge to examine the review on this product. Let’s know about the application process of how to get free clothes from Shein UK.

Here is the definite application process to apply for the activity;

  • Go to the shein official page.
  • Log in or sign up and set up an account with all the important information.
  • Now in the menu bar, look for the free trial page or section.
  • Go to the section and again set up a separate account on the page, or link your main account to the page.
  • Return the home.
  • Click on the apparel you need to buy. 
  • Select the free trial option.
  • Let them know your fit and mail id through the text box. 
  • Wait for the authority’s approval through the email to get your free product to test. 

How to get free Shein points hack?


Apart from how to get free clothes from Shein, let’s look into the point criteria to get some extra benefits:

  • Every 100 points and $1.
  • For every $1 spent, they get one point.
  • Also, different activities on their website like commenting, reviewing, and sharing pictures contain some points, which are 10, 20, and 25, respectively.

How to get shein++ without downloading apps

Honestly, there are no such features available even in the app. This is just a rumor, nothing more than that. Naturally, there is no process open to get shein++ without an app because the feature is not available in the app.

Is Shein free trial legit?

Yes, the free trial of the shein is legit. One can go through the navigation page to get all their updates. You can also find many people reviewing their outfits and their products. 


Many reviews are available on different social media handles, even their websites. From all such viewpoints, we consider this trial program legit. 

Though this a limited period offers for their customers. As of now, no closure dates are available for the free trial activity but don’t waste time and get the deal immediately.


We gathered all information about how to get free clothes from Shein. Shopping lovers, this is the golden chance to try and get your favorite clothes without spending any money and unlock all these benefits.

Please share your responses in our comment box below and let us know your views. We would love to hear from you.


Can I get Shein clothes for free?


To get free dresses from Shein, you can use free coupons and loyalty points by enrolling in an influencer program.

How do I get free Shein ++?

Every news available regarding Shein++ is fake, and no functions are available.

How can I get free clothes online?

Numerous people are willing to know how to get free clothes from shein. One can unlock such rewards by spending loyalty codes and cards that offer e-money. 

How do I get sponsored by Shein?

You must have followers minimum gifty thousands and get approval after applying for their brand ambassador program, and you can get sponsored by Shein.

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