Il Makiage Foundation Reviews


Beauty is a virtue of women. And the zeal that comes when we scroll an online store for the perfect match of makeup peace that matches our skin, every woman knows it. Here comes one such store, namely Il Makiage. This article will see il makiage foundation reviews and find it whether it is worth it or not.

A day may start with using the face cleansing gel and with the skin smoothening cream. Every woman loves wearing makeup, whether it is lipstick or eyeliner, maybe a foundation cream. Il Makiage recently released a Foundation cream that has a total of fifty shades, surprisingly. We will see the specs about the products and know-how healthy they are for the skin.

What is Il Makiage?


Il Makiage is a virtual store selling its beauty products. The brand is just two years old; it has become the top brand to receive more reviews from customers in the United States. The store has a wide range of products from lipsticks to eyeliners. But the one eye-catchy product is the Woke Up Like This Foundation, which has become an Instagram famous.

The product alone has got 155000, five-star ratings from the customers of different countries. By this, you can guess the honesty of the products in giving the customers accurate results. In the later sections, we will see theil makiage foundation reviewsfrom customers, and we will see how good it is.



Woke Up Like This Foundation is based on a new formula intended to nourish and even the skin. It is a streak-free foundation that will smoothen your skin and make it look gorgeous.

  • The Foundation is made of aqua water which told doesn’t harm your health.
  • Only Optically corrective powders are used in the making of this Foundation.
  • The Foundation is enriched with Vitamin E.
  • The Foundation is 100% cruelty-free.
  • It is found to be a lightweight texture.
  • It has got a natural matte finish.
  • Price: $44
  • Available in 50 shades, suiting all the skin tones.
  • It is made to maintain its ultra-fluid structure till the end of its use.
  • Ultimate and even blend of the cream.
  • 100% money back with product return.

Pros of Il Makiage Foundation

  • As told, there are 50 shades available for this Foundation. So whatever is your skin type, you can find the one match that matches your skin tone.
  • There is a 10% extra offer for this specific product.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It has anti-aging benefits as it consists of Vitamin E.
  • It has Hyaluronic acid for hydration, protection, and filling wrinkles.
  • It is mentioned that it does not harm your skin.
  • The cream is not sticky, so easy to apply.

Cons of Il Makiage Foundation

  • As the container of the Foundation is made of glass material, it won’t be easy to handle.
  • This is the only negative point that we came across for Woke Up Like This Foundation.

Is Il Makiage Legit?

Il Makiage is the only brand in the United States to receive major reviews from the customer. That too in a short period of two years. As we have seen customer reviews, we should admit that there are no or fewer negative reviews. Not only il makiage foundation reviews, but the reviews for the other products are also impressive.


This makes us believe that Il Makiage is completely legit and is even putting more effort into making their products the best in the market.

Il Makiage Foundation Reviews from customers

There are 354078 customer reviews available for this product. They say that they were seriously damned by this Foundation and want to use it again and again. Some reviews say that no other foundation in the market can beat this Foundation. 


People who haven’t even used a makeup brush in the past have been awed by this Foundation. They say the fifty shades available work perfectly and do only good to your skin.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that this Foundation or the brand is legit. Lakhs of customers say they are impressed with the product and also the whole service. If you want to buy it, we say you can go for it.

Please tell us what you think about this amazing Foundation.

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