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In this article, we will reveal King Playstation legit with the honest information we got. Gaming has been an integral part of life for many people, especially for the younger generations. Who doesn’t love gaming? There are obvious reasons why people invest in buying accessories and even games from stores. One such store is King PlayStation, but is it legit or a scam? 

King Playstation is situated in the United States and is known to sell all the accessories that are related to gaming. Whatever the game you play, you find yourself involved in it, sometimes by forgetting the real world. Of course, everyone would love to buy exciting games, but it is important to know whether the store is trustworthy before investing.

What is King Playstation?


King Playstation is a gaming company and a store selling Playstation4 and Playstatio5 games and the accessories needed for gaming. This is an online store with a middle range of new and old games but are found to be interesting. 

Precisely the website has four categories, namely:

  1. Playstation 4 games.
  2. Playstation 4 accessories.
  3. Playstation 5 games.
  4. Playstation 5 accessories. 

Each product on the website is specified with its description, customer rating, and also price. We can’t say King Playstation legit by just seeing the information on the website, so we will be moving on to other categories of the website, which help us get our results. 

Specifications of King Playstation

  • In the all-accessories section, accessories suitable for Ps3, Ps4, and Ps5 can be seen.
  • In Ps4 and Ps5 gaming sections, games that are available for the respective PlayStations can be seen. Likewise, the accessories are related to Ps4 and Ps5.
  • Payment methods: You can pay through any of the four methods that are mentioned are using Paypal, using a credit card, advanced payment, or wire transfer. 
  • Return and refund policy: The product must be returned within 25 days from the day of the delivery, and the amount will be refunded anytime within 30 days of that.
  • Currency: United States Dollars is the only currency that is acceptable on the website.
  • Terms of shipping: The website will provide you an international tracking number, and the shipping rate may vary from product to product.
  • Address: 4-6-16, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone number: +31 68 605 0656
  • Email address:
  • The time it takes to deliver products: The product will be delivered within 18 business days from the order date.
  • Shipping price: Free shipping for all orders above $150.

Pros of King Playstation

  • A Range of exciting games is available. The website assures you that no game provided by them will be boring.
  • They also provide the accessories that are needed for the games.
  • Price and other details of the product are made available.
  • Moreover, the percentage of discount is also available at the top of the product.
  • Free shipping available for few orders.
  • Return and refund policies are also made flexible to the buyer.
  • Payment methods are also kept at ease.
  • There is an individual rating available for each product on the website.

Cons of King Playstation

  • Although there are ratings available, customer reviews are not seen anywhere on the website.
  • The collection is not so vast; there are limited products available.
  • The discount available for the products is also less.
  • There are no customer reviews on the website or the social media handles related to King Playstation. It will be difficult to say the King Playstation legit and trust it easily. 

Is King PlayStation Legit or not?

The only thing about the website that makes it look suspicious is that there are not many customer reviews available. Additionally, it has gained a trust rate of just 2%. 


All the other things are fine as the website also states its privacy policies and shared its contact address. So by this, we may conclude King Playstation as legit.

Customer reviews on King Playstation

As we already stated, there are no customer ratings that are available on the website. There are only rating present for each product. And there is a negative review conveying not to use this website. The reason for not having customer reviews may be that the website is not so old and popular.

Final Verdict


The review for King Playstation is negative, but that is maybe because the website is quite a novice and young. It should also be noted that it has gained an index rank of 14/100. We can’t say a scam, but we suggest you buy only after taking safety concerns.

You can also tell your views on King Playstation Legit, so kindly do share your thoughts with us.

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