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Did you know about the ipostal1 review? Technologies are improving, and thousands of new systems appear in the market.

Ipostal1 is also a gift of innovation that helps business owners to manage their businesses. Tools that are helping in the growth of your business are in high demand, and every business owner who thinks smart is implementing such tools to enrich their business. 

The name of this brand is also humming around in the mouth of business owners. Naturally, the buzz is high. Every owner found this service attractive and helpful for their business. Is it truly so? We are here to answer. 

We will share all the latest updates related to their legitimacy and other features.

What is ipostal1? 

Ipostal1 worked like a digital mailbox. As many industries are taking up their business online, they are always searching for a tool to optimize their packages and mails. We will share the ipostal1 review to make you aware of them.


In simple words, this software provides the power to receive their respective mails and packages in a secure location via a remote system. 

This system allows business owners to manage everything through their applications over their respective devices. 

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What is the working process of ipostal1?

Before jumping on the ipostal1 review, let’s see some glimpse of their services. 

They are a gift of innovation that has more potential to offer business owners their best quality service.

  • Through this service, customers can send packages and mails to multiple services.
  • They can schedule shipments easily through their application.
  • Even customers can choose their preferred carrier through their services.
  • Apart from all these, customers can choose the level of their services too.
  • You can send instructions to the digital mail centers to deposit the respective balance in the bank via mail.
  • The customer has the ability to create an office, basically a virtual office, and add forward phone documents, fax, and voicemail.

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What are the pricing details of ipostal1?

In this article on ipostal1 review, we add this pricing section to give you a clear insight into the plans. You can find three different services and their pricing costs on this website.

  • Virtual mailing address
  • Virtual business address 
  • Virtual office services

You can find four different plans in a virtual mailing address service at no additional cost. Another most important fact is virtual mailing and virtual business address services are identical in their pricing plans.

  • The green plan, which is $9.99 per month and $99 per year, has 30 mails per month.
  • The blue scheme has 60 mails at $14.99 per month or $149 per year.
  • In the silver plan, you get 120 mails per month at $24.99 monthly or $249 in yearly fee.
  • In the gold plan, you can send nearly 240 every month in the budget of $399 per year or $39.99 per month.

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In a virtual office plan, you got four different options which are,

  • Office 60 costs $39.99 monthly, or $399 yearly, including 60 mail, phone, voicemail, personal greeting, and fax.
  • Office 120 has 120 mails, phones, voice mails, personal greetings, and fax per month at the cost of $49.99 per month or $499 per year.
  • Office 120 toll-free plan is available at $59.99 per month or $599 per yearly cost, which contains 120 mails per month and has 120 mails and toll-free phone, voice mails, and fax.
  • Office 240 toll-free has 240 mails, toll-free voice mails, personal greetings, and toll-free fax at $69.99 or $699per year.

Is ipostal1 safe to prefer?


In our opinion, this website is legit and provides accurate services. We found various positive facts about this website.

  • This website has been running its business for the past five years.
  • All essential details are visible on their website.
  • Their services and pricing rate are clearly described on their website.
  • They have their social media accounts on various platforms.
  • We spot a newsletter portal that updates its customers about their services.

We mark this company as legit with an 80% trust score.

Honest ipostal1 review

We found mixed reactions on ipostal1. But the positive responses are available more than the negative responses.

Billy said,

“As a business owner sometimes, it is hectic to organize the mailbox and virtual office but this service provides me that leisure to save time for my meetings and allow me to organize it from anywhere I want.”



“This service is good but not a satisfactory one. They need more improvement. Some of their features are still not updated.”

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Parameters Remark 
Trust score 80% 
Social media presence Yes    
Customer opinion Yes    

In our opinion, this website is remarkable and helpful for all business owners. We mark it legit, and if you are looking for something worthy of a tool for mailing, you can opt for it.

We share our views on the ipostal1 review. It’s your time to share your views and opinions in our comment section on this company.

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