We Fix Money Scam


We fix money scam? Do you want to buy a new house vehicle for any gadget but do not have enough money? You can get it to finance from this business that allows you quick solutions for urgent needs. 

There are plenty of companies in the United States offering payday loans services through online portals. It is a legitimate procedure to get financial aid, but not all are trustworthy. Hence it is always wise to do a background check before epilating in them.

What are we fix money?

Fix media has launched a new asset service with the name wefixmoney.com. The company envisions empowering people and helping them with financial solutions since 2018. 


It started with the mission to sort customer issues and give them a better lifestyle by connecting them with thousands of lenders.

The procedure is easy! All you need to do is fill out an application form and, the website will present it in front of suitable lenders. In this way, your credit score will not be affected and, you will get enough loans. 

CFSA and OLA are two different corporations that empower this platform. For customer care services, they have provided a highlight chat room tool.

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  • The APR rate is not constant for all customers. It depends on various factors discussed by the lender.
  • You can get instant loans on any particular day if you get qualified.
  • The amount for a personal loan is $3000, and rest you can increase the amount after discussing with the lender.
  • This company does not fund any customers and, most of the conditions get determined by the lender.
  • You can roll over a loan under special terms.
  • If you delay any payment, you will get charged with a penalty.
  • There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to receive a loan.
  • The customer must be a citizen of the United States and above 18 years ago. They shall possess a checking bank account.
  • It is easy to apply for a loan through this website. All you need to do is visit the official web page and fill the application form.
  • Wait for any response and then contact them for further procedure.


  • It has a unique solution for every customer.
  • The procedure is easy and simple.
  • It is an old and trustable family business providing financial solutions for more than a decade.
  • The company has a good consumer rating on open sources.
  • You can contact the lender and discuss all the terms, conditions.


  • This online portal is only applicable to citizens of the United States.
  • They have not given any fixed APR rate.
  • You can only apply for a loan of up to $3000. This amount increases only under unique conditions.

What is “We fix money scam”


The website got accredited by BBB and received an ‘A’ rating. Several complaints get registered on this platform but, the company has tried to solve them as soon as possible. (You are reading about We fix money scam)

Read all the terms and policies present on the website and, they are completely transparent about all the aspects. We found no red flags and sketchy conditions.

According to the information given on the website, there are more than 2 million trusted users. For good customer care services, they have provided a live chat room. 


They have given a FAQ section on the homepage. Here you can find answers to all your questions. After much contemplation, we have concluded that it is a legitimate website.

But we will strongly suggest readers verify all services and tools before affiliating with them.

Customer reviews on We fix money

To find if We fix money scam? We tried locating verified customer feedback on open sources. After some research, we landed on a consumer rating of 4.2/5 stars. 

It signifies that most people are happy with their services. Users love that it is a simple and quick procedure to get your loan approved within minutes. 


We also encountered a disgruntled customer who applied for a loan during some financial trouble. But the company disrespected him by approving a loan of only $75. Some of the customers also complained about high-interest rates. 

Some lenders were charging them unreasonable prices so, the individuals did not apply for the services.


We fix money scam? The company has some advantages and a few drawbacks too. It is an old family business working towards the welfare of the citizens. As per our analysis, it seems like and takes platform but, it gets advised to read their policies before making any final decision.

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