Is Bikesonline Legit?


Are you looking for a fully customizable cycle? Then you must find out whether is Bikesonline Legit or not because it is one of the famous online store. Read reviews.

With this article, we will help you to find out is Bikesonline Legit or not? Do you want to try different bicycle rides? Do you want to fit yourself? Do you love adventure? We will introduce you to such a website that gives you cycling and other accessories which keep you healthy and fit.

Nowadays, people like to have adventures in their life, and in the United States, people are crazy about bikes and rides. So let’s have some discussion about its specifications, pros, cons, and its legitimacy.

About Bikesonline:

Bikesonline is a platform for selling varieties of bicycles, bikes as per the customer’s need. Previously the company used to buy rental bikes from the local distributor. After some time, they think it to buy from a factory and sell direct online directly. So they bought a container full of bikes and started to sell online on e-bay.

The business was firstly established in the Australian market. Afterward, they expanded it to America, and till now, they have more than 10,000 bicycles in the market. But is Bikesonline Legit? lets find out.


· Website URL:

· Address: 1450 Technology Lane, Suite100, Petaluma, California 94954 USA


· Timing: Mon- Fri 9:30 am- 5pm PST.

· Contact details: 1-(650)-272-3778

· E-mail address: You have to fill the form for reaching through the e-mail address.

· Product category: Bikes, Bicycle accessories, bicycle parts, apparel, etc.

· Delivery time: It will take 2-6 business days depending on the state.

· Payment mode: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Google Pay, Discover, after pay, PayPal, Dinners club international, etc.

· Shipping method is USPS and FedEx.

Pros of Bikesonline:

· 14-day free test ride.


· Free shipping is providing in the metro cities.

· Polygon Bikes have a good response in the United States market.

· Product look is good.

· User-friendly website.

· Gives you bikes direct from the manufactures.

· Free and fast delivery.

· You can track your order easily.


· Warranty period is available.

· It uses a secured web connection.

· You get the sale option as well on the homepage.

· You can even share your experiences through the blog section on the website.

Cons of Bikesonline:

· Company did not provide the full details on the homepage.

· Bicycle tires are of inferior quality.

· Free shipping on orders above $50.

Is Bikesonline Legit?

We value your hard-earned money; that’s why we always check the legitimacy of the website. Various factors are responsible for checking the legitimacy of the website, like customer reviews, trust index, social presence, and many more. Let’s understand one by one:


· It has received a good rating on trust pilot 3.8 out of 5, which is a good point.

· Have an excellent social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.

· Getting good customer response.

· The Company stays in the market for a longer time.

Customer Reviews:

We have researched various websites over the internet, and we can say that we have received mixed reactions from the customers. Some customers say that the company is delivering a good product with fast service; the right size is getting with excellent packing. 

On the other hand, customers are saying that the tire quality of the bicycle is not good.


Bikesonline gained popularity in Australia and the American market, and now it is expanding all over the world. Some customers are satisfied with the product, whereas some are not satisfied. We cannot assure you that the website is the legit one. We suggest you do more research before spending your money.

What do you think is Bikesonline Legit? What experience you had? Do write and comment us in the comment section.

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