Is bitclout legit?


Are you looking to buy bitcoin and are interest in bitcoins then you must read our article on bitclout and find out whether is bitclout legit or nto?

There is a famous currency that got into headlines called Cryptocurrency. It can be used in different ways but a new addition to the world of digital currencies. In this article, we will talk about such a website that deals in bitcoins and has taken a good raise in the current market. Let us find is bitclout legit?


This United States based website is growing fast enough to build a rapport. Many people are fond of bitcoins nowadays. If this is so then, this is the best platform for bitcoin lovers. We will gather more information from trustworthy sources for the readers to make their investment safe.

What is Bitclout?

This website allows one to buy bitcoins and trade them to represent celebrities or other public figures. The website says that it is a decentralized platform that makes it public to use, and neither there is any Bitclout main server nor any central authority to control the website. Now, here is the next question. How will we find is Bitclout legit or not?


As we know, the native currency of this United States website is BitClout. In which clout means to have influence or power. A user can buy a token in the name of a celebrity or any public figure based on their behavior. Meanwhile, the clout of that particular celebrity will either rise if the celebrity did a good deed. The clout may also fall if the celebrity did a bad deed.

How does BitClout work?

This is entirely open-source for the users. As per the website and deep research, there is no company behind BitClout. It is the latest social network that allows one to invest in people or their posts with real money. This also allows new features like profiles, postings, following, social media, etc. As per the Whitepaper, “BitClout is just coins and codes.”


Since this website involves social media itself, the answer to the question, “Is BitClout legit?” might be yes. Through some trusted counts, we have found that this website has already raised more than 2700 bitcoins that will be around $155 million.

Let’s try to understand it in a better manner:

  • BitClout runs on its currency called as BitClout
  • The user can perform any activity on the platform using the Bitclout tokens
  • Like, a user can buy Creator coins using BitClout tokens
  • These coins can be used to place on the celebrities
  • As per the website, the price of the BitClout gets double for every BitClout sold
  • Any user can buy someone else’s creator coin by visiting his/her profile and clicking on “buy”
  • BitClout was launched with around 15,000 already loaded profiles mostly gathered from Twitter
  • The clout rises and falls depending on the reputation of the celebrity on a social level

Is BitClout legit?


This website is going viral worldwide. The lead creator of the BitClout known by the pseudo name as Diamondhands, has informed some major names involved in this platform to claim it as a legit place for trading bitcoins. Since BitClout tokens will be bought with real money and involve real money, we would suggest being careful while using any website over the Internet.

What are BitClout reviews?

As this online website involves social media itself, it seems legit. The reviews found everywhere over the Internet seem satisfactory for the users. Although, trading involves profit for one and loss for another if you are not experienced enough. There are more than 7k followers on Instagram, and the users were found happy in the comments found.


Many people want to use it once to understand the working of the BitClout. It also shares a tip for the users over the Internet. Let us know what your thoughts say after reading the whole concept of the BitClout in the above article.

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