Is Foggy Love Clothing Legit


Is Foggy Love Clothing Legit? Discounts offer and find out all the details in this latest post, read buyers reviews.

Hurry up, ladies! Lots of discounts and offers are coming up on our favorite items, clothing, and accessories. Are you looking for an online shopping website where you get your loved items on one platform? In the United States, many scam shopping websites are coming and making the customers fool. 



We value your hard-earned money, and we always suggest you don’t get easily attracted to special discounts and offers because you know that these are the traps just to attract the customers. To get more knowledge and awareness about foggy love, please continue to read the article in detail. Today we will guide not only you about the website details but also will understand is Foggy Love Clothing Legit or not?

About Foggy Love?


It is an online e-commerce shopping website that claims to offers bottoms, dresses, shoes, swimsuits, accessories, tops, and many more items, especially for women at the lowest prices. The company claims to have several years of experience in clothing design.

The team supervises the item of the company to make sure the customer’s satisfaction. You will get designer and unique dresses in this store. The company believes in high-quality designer fashions.

Let’s understand that is Foggy Love Clothing Legit or not.


  • Website URL:
  • Address: Flat, Rm, A-12/F, Kiu-Fu Commercial, Lockhart Road, Wan-Chai, Hk.
  • Contact number: Not provided.
  • Email id:
  • Product category: tops, dresses, bottoms, swimwear’s, etc.
  • Shipping policy: It will take 3-10 business days when you placed the order.
  • Delivery time: It will take 7-15 business days to deliver the product.
  • Shipping charges: free shipping for the items above $69 and under $69 cost is $6.95
  • Payment Method: PayPal, visa, master, discover, Jcb, and many more.
  • Return time: Within 14 days after receipt of the product, you have to give the product return request. The item should not be used and in good condition. 
  • Refund Policy: The Company will guarantee to return the refund within 1 to 2 weeks. 
  • Cancellation policy: Within 24 hours after you have given the order can place the request for cancellation.
  • Owner name: Doulefywheel Hk Co. Limited and Primitech Limited.

Pros of Foggy Love

  • The company provides free delivery on orders above $69.
  • It uses a secured web connection HTTPS.
  • Various payment modes are available.
  • It is a user-friendly website.
  • A lot of discounts are available.
  • Under the trend option, you can avail of trendy items.
  • You can have the best seller items as well.
  • It has a large fan base in the United States.

Cons of Foggy Love

  • Shipping cost on orders under $69.
  • Contact details are not provided in case of an emergency.
  • The address of the company cannot be found.
  • It has no social media presence.  

Is Foggy Love Clothing Legit?


Checking the legitimacy of the website is our first primary concern for the readers. Legitimacy is based on different factors. We have researched the internet, and we come up to the conclusion that the website is not legit because of the following reasons:

  • The content of the website is 100% copied.
  • It has no social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc.
  • The company claims to have several years of experience in clothing whereas we have found that it is just 7 months old.
  • The company webpage gives positive reviews of the customers, whereas, on other portals, such types of reviews are not present.
  • It has a low trust index rank. 

Foggy Love customer reviews?

We have analyzed and researched various websites, and we have found that there are some positive points from the customers on the company webpage. In contrast, on other websites, there are no reviews present, which looks to be suspicious.



In the end, we can recapitulate that still Foggy love uses the secured web connection and giving various discounts and offers. Still, in the absence of customer reviews, copied content from the other website, low trust index, these are some points where the website fails to prove its legitimacy. 

So we advise our women readers to please stay away from this scam website; otherwise, it will be dangerous for you.

Is Foggy Love Clothing Legit? What are your views regarding this? Do share your comments in the comment box. Eagerly waiting for your response.

20 thoughts on “Is Foggy Love Clothing Legit”

  1. I just started shopping on Groupon and I ended up on foggylove website. I ordered $286 in clothing and shoes. Its may 7, 2021. I ordered the stuff on April 30, 2021. Of course the have taken my money, but nothing has been shipped. I sent an e-mail and have not received any response. I’m so upset because I never spend money on myself. I loved the clothes on the website and I was very excited. My daughter told me to be careful. I then started investigating the site and have not found any info. I’m praying I’m able to get my money back. It says shopping could take up to 10 business days for them to ship items. Ugh I think I was scammed.

  2. Regarding Foggylove, not confident that my item will arrive due to all previous comments are my experience also. Ordered 4/23/21 & here it is May 10th, still waiting for tracking info, they say it shipped but no info. Not good.

  3. I bought 4 shirts I love the colors and a month and 1/2 later I received one it was nice to small but saving for some ones birthday but haven’t heard about the other 3 yet i would really like them to send them the quality is really not to good but will last for the summer so please send thank you.

  4. My cardigan arrived quite quickly. No invoice in package. The cardigan was not as shown in the photo, very disappointing, unwearable, unstylish, no opportunity to return or get refund. Scammed ?.

    Beware. Knock off products that have been fraudulently photo copied from LIGIT clothing from other businesses. They say they have beennim business for yrs…..SEVEN MONTHS only. No phone contact or real.address for customer service. TURN THEM IMTO TO THE USA Fedreal Trade Commission

  6. Paid for order about a month ago. No confirmation of shipping, no customer details to inquire. I’m still hopeful to receive my items..
    Not leaving a good customer experience unfortunately..

  7. I ordered a pair of jeans on 4/29. They took my money and still haven’t received them. Today is May 23rd This sucks! Glad I only ordered 1 item

  8. I bought a shirt for my friend for her birthday on April 21, 2021. The website confirmed the sale yet never shipped. I only lost 25.00 so upset but glad it wasn’t anything more. However, there has to be a person or entity that can remove their website? Also, I hope my funds doesn’t support terrorism… food for thought.

  9. I finally received the goods but they were not the same material as shown in the photos and they were not the correct size
    Do not order from this website.

  10. I ordered several items; a month later received ONE. After reading these comments, I called my credit card company and reported it as fraud. They agreed and issued me a new credit card and will take the amount off my credit card statement.

  11. This site is the worse site I ever seen ordered April 22, finally receive the shirts May 27, nothing looked like the pictures or description that was on the website,,,,was going to return everything but the return costs don’t warrant the process,,,,DO NOT order from this company,,,,

  12. It is a SCAM. Do not shop there! I ordered 3 items and received 3 items ~2.5 weeks later. I don’t like any of them, and should have known because they were too cheaply priced to be as cute as pictured. I am trying to return them but don’t have an order number anywhere. I sent an email saying I wanted to return and they asked, “What’s my order number?”. They did not send an email nor include a packing slip. The charge on my credit card is from SAKURAANY.COM. If you go to that website it has a similar look as the Foggy Love website but is all gowns. It is a SCAM! Stay away.

  13. My experience similar to all other. Ordered 7 blouses & only 1 received 6 weeks later. No response to emails except to sidestep my direct questions about other 6 items in my order. The 1 blouse received was cheap material & poorly made. Will dispute charges with my card company. DO NOT RISK LOSING YOUR MONEY!!
    They are a bunch of scammers in China.

  14. Please “BEWARE” and “DO NOT” order from Foggy Love?
    This company is definitely a scam.
    The products I received were of very poor quality and ran small in size.
    Unable to contact for refund at email address listed

  15. BEWARE!! This is rip off. I ordered 7 blouses & received 1 after 6 weeks. Only vague responses from merchant when I repeatedly asked about other 6 items. 2 months later received 3 more items. CHEAP FLIMSY MATERIAL, INCORECTLY SIZED & DIDNT LOOK LIKE PICTURES ON WEBSITE. Dont waste your money on this junk clothing from China!

  16. Clothing is very poor quality. Fabrics are not as listed in their product description. Descriptions are wrong. I ordered vee neck got shirts with collar. Pants suppose to be cotton and linen they are some fuzzy material. sweaters ugly…not like photos at all. t shirt suppose to be gradient colors, is solid color. Fabric is very thin and cheap. They use Photos of other companies clothing and make cheap copies of it. Better quality at Walmart!!!

  17. Terrible Products and also no real return policy, very bad customer service. There is really no returning your messed up orders. I ordered shirts with pictures or words on them and it took almost 2 months to get them all, and they never got printed. I just got plain shirts.

  18. These people are a total scam. They keep changing names. They used to be called Annie Cloth and I bought about $179.00 of stuff and what I received in the mail was no wheres near what I thought I was ordering. They send you very ugly clothes that you wouldn’t dream of wearing. I threw them away. Stay away from these people cuz they will rip you off.

  19. Terrible products. I paid good money for 2 tops.
    Well they dont look anything like the picture. They are awfule cheaply made out of ugly synthetic material. Im embarresed now. I was so excited for them to arrive. Now just very angry.
    Foggylove is a scam making lots of money from innocent people.

  20. Cheap, cheap; cheap! I did get my order after 30 days. The clothes are cheap. One top wasn’t even hemed at the sleeves and bottom. Do not buy. They sent me wrong sizes and the one was to small and other was to big. I asked for a refund and they told me to send it back. It was going to cost me over $30.00 to send it back. The clothes are not worth it. Learned my lesson.


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