Is GOAT A Legit Website


GOAT is a known platform for sneaker freaks. But is GOAT a legit website? You will know more about the same as we go further with the article. Rapidly growing online marketing encouraged many people to find sneakers, clothing, and other stuff online. Nowadays, as the online market is spreading, buying and selling materials online has become part of our daily lives.

The goal of GOAT is to create a safe and trustworthy marketplace through their hard work and efforts. GOAT is very well-known in the United States, China, and many other countries. Some additional charges like VAT are also applicable. In this article, you will learn about the website GOAT and gain more knowledge about it.

What is GOAT

GOAT stands for ‘Greatest of All Times.’ As mentioned above, GOAT is an outstanding online store for sneakerheads and also provides hoods, other clothing materials, and accessories. 

Products from the top brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc., are available on the website. You can even download it, as it is available in a mobile application. 

For many years collecting sneakers or clothes has become a worldwide phenomenon or hobby and GOAT is a magnificent place with high-quality products. 

Their goal is to become the most reliable marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and accessories. The resale products possessed by GOAT are verified, ensuring the authentication of your purchase.


Suppose by any chance the product you received is unauthentic, missing any key feature, or the item you received is incorrect. In that case, you can contact the website by submitting a request to GOAT support or through the GOAT Assistant feature available on the app. You may have a rough idea about the question ‘Is GOAT a legit website’ by now.

Detailed information

• Selling on GOAT- you can sell your items on GOAT after verifying your items’ authenticity. Currently, they are approving only sneaker sellers and a few apparel sellers and accessories sellers.

• Currency- All the fees are listed in United States currency i.e., Dollars unless stated. Selling is also available in USD.

• Sales Taxes- Taxes will be applicable based on the customer’s shipping address rather than a customer’s billing address.

• GOAT app- You can download the GOAT app from Google Play or App Store.

• Shipping charges- The shipping rates are also in United States currency which is $40.

• VAT Rate- the VAT rate is 15%


• Duty Rate- the Duty date is 10%

• Return- you have 3 days to place a return request

Payment methods

Several payment methods are accepted here. If you buy items in the United States, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted. Alternative payment methods such as ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal are also available.

Pros of GOAT

• Next day shipping option is also available for instant products

• Sneakers that aren’t certified aren’t listed on GOAT

• It has pricing transparency, which means sellers can mark the price of sneakers according to their choice and are visible to buyers as well


• Sellers can also choose if they want their used sneakers to be cleansed by GOAT

• It plays an essential role in reducing friction between the buyer and the seller

Cons of GOAT

• 20% VAT is charged by GOAT in the UK

• You may also have to pay the shipment disturbances fee, which will be 15 SAR

• The fee is charged for the refurbishment of used shoes.

Is GOAT a legit website

GOAT is a widely spread marketplace which is vastly ascended from the United States to Europe and Asia. 

GOAT has successfully disheartened disintermediation, and the insurance present for buyers and sellers is hard to remove from the platform. 


GOAT even collaborated with brands such as Versace to produce limited-edition shoes. It is a very genuine site with very low chances of fraud.

GOAT has a team of experts who investigate each item’s condition and its quality. Hence, GOAT is a legitimate website that can be trusted and sticks to its promise.

Customer reviews

GOAT gained many customer reviews after being launched in 2015, claiming it to be a trustworthy and reliable source for doing sneakers and accessories-related businesses.

 Over seven thousand customer reviews are claiming to be happy with the service provided by the website. GOAT even achieved a 4.2 rating in the shoe store category. 

The amount of users and retailers on GOAT is massive, proving it to be a socially well-known and trustworthy marketplace.


The answer to the question ‘is GOAT a legit website’ is very clear from the above information. GOAT provides the materials that their experts verify, and thus, the odds of being scammed are negligible. 

The resale marketing team does everything to check the certification of the item before selling it. If you wish to purchase anything from the website, you can freely access it without any threat of fraud. It is a legit and trustworthy marketplace that is famous worldwide.

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