In this article, we will see how we can activate our account in turner at We are in a world where both men and women go to work in an office or run some business irrespective of their gender. When time is like this, no one will get time to watch news and tv shows that are telecasted every day.

When we can’t utilize something every day, we don’t feel good to pay the bill for it right. So the only option is to cut down the TV connection which we used to do for daily Television connection provided in the United States. 


Then what if we want to watch something that we can see on our weekends when we feel free and joyful. There is no option for television, right. Here comes something full of tv shows, updated news, and all web series that you can watch anytime you want.

In the next section, we will see all the details of this channel and the information about how to get an account in this. If you are curious enough to know about one such track, then keep reading till the end.

What is tntdrama?

Tntdrama, a significant part of an entertaining platform commonly known as turner international, is a channel in the United States that buys all the Tv Shows, Web series, and news from news channels and stores them in their application. The whole intention of this platform is to provide everyone the opportunity to watch everything they want, every time they can.


If something has been telecasted and we missed watching, we feel bad, right. We don’t need to feel bad anymore. With this platform, we can watch all the things whenever we are free and mood to chill.

This channel has ties with some of the channels like Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT, Boom rang, and Tuner movies. This means that this platform can broadcast all the content from these channels. In the next section, we will see how we can get ourselves registered on this platform to have unlimited entertainment.

How can we have access to this platform?


This is a paid platform. So with the free access, you can only watch few selected shows that can be seen for free. For accessing all that available, we need to get a premium account. 

Steps to proceed at

  • Open your browser and then click on their website link:
  • Now you will be able to see the website. Then go to the sign-in section that can be in the right panel.
  • Fill up all the details that you need to give and then click on proceed for payment.
  • You can choose the plan of your choice, whether it is a monthly plan or an annual plan. 
  • Then you need to pay with either your credit card or from your Paypal account.
  • Then click on start your plan now.
  • Then you are good to go.

What do users say about this?

Whoever has got a subscription at says that they are very happy for the chance that turner gave them to watch everything they want. This suits adults and elders, but we can also let our children watch as they broadcast everything on Cartoon Network. 

While talking about Turner, Richa admits that it is an all-family platform where everyone can watch their own choices with just a one-time subscription. She says that prices are reasonable and this is the best they can get.


Also, few reviews say that they are using this for years, and they never had any issues with it, like technical issues or casting issues. They also suggest everyone go for it without any second chance and enjoy the streaming.

Also, another best thing they usually talk about is the news feature which will also notify you about every important news.


Considering overall reviews and the features, we can tell you to go for this if you are looking for one such platform. You can easily go here: and then get an account for yourself to have a good time.

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