Is Hireright Legit


Is hireright legit or not? Nowadays, it is hard to find a perfect employee who fulfills your company’s requirements. Everyone is suffering from the lengthy procedure of hiring an ideal candidate for their company. This website is helping to provide quality employees to the company. The name is currently trending on social media. 

This company covers the entire world and spreads their service—some are curious to know more about their services. After analyzing the actual scenario, we came up with all fresh new updates and information about this website.

What is hireright? 

HireRight is an American company that provides a top skilled employee to your company whenever any requirement is raised. They provide their lead-generating services all over the globe. They have lots of contact numbers for various states and countries. 

This company includes many new and exciting services in their category:

  • Employment background screening.
  • Executive screening.
  • Comprehensive workforce screening.
  • Candidate experience.
  • Criminal record checks.
  • Global screening. 

We are coming on the is hireright legit or not segment in our forthcoming sections.


  • Contact Number: 8665226995.
  • Contact Address: No exact address is available on their website.
  • Email address: 
  • Service area: All over the world.
  • Service providing fee: You have to call customer service to know the exact pricing.
  • Payment mode: Only online payment options are available.
  • Payment option: PayPal, American Express, credit card, and debit card google pay are available to clear all payments.
  • Cancellation policy: You need to place a cancellation of your job within ten days after your screening portal goes live.
  • Cancellation fee and time: You have to pay a certain amount of penalty fee to cancel your screening schedules.


  • You can get quality candidates.
  • This company is taking the primary hiring process on behalf of your company.
  • They generate leads for employment as per your requirements.


  • You have to pay a cancellation fee to withdraw your service request.
  • Sometimes they delay hiring people because of the shortage of relevant leads.

Cost of hireright: 

Hireright is completely free for job seekers. They can access it without any fees for the first one month. Then they charge accordingly. Now the question is, is hireright legit or not? Before answering the question, we won’t clear the payment scenario precisely. 

HireRight charges companies and businesses to post their jobs on their site. The starting plan is $249 to $349 per month for three active job slots: 

  • You can post regular job slots at $99 for two months on this website.
  • For 10 activated job slots, you have to pay them $375 to $546 per month. And for
  • Twenty job slots, you have to pay them $799 per month. Honestly, it is a bit costly. 

Is hireright legit?

This website is completely legit. The owners have been running this website for the past six years. Till now, they have thousands of customers all over the globe. So you have to take no tension about their legitimacy. 

But for all our reader’s satisfaction and the more insightful view, we point out some details which proved this site as a legit website.

  • This website has a valid SSL certificate that means your data is completely secured. This website is a job seeker and hiring site. That’s why it contains a lot of confidential data. But this site is secure.
  • Thousands of positive responses are available about this website on the internet. 
  • A good and trustworthy social media presence is also available on Facebook and their official site. All links are workable.
  • The trust score is 75 percent which means this site is active, trustworthy and legit.

Job seekers and employer’s responses about this website:

We spot mixed reactions from both job seekers and job recruiters on the internet. We present here both kinds of reactions to portray a clear picture of this website.

Satisfied responses from the side of job seekers and hiring executives:

Emilie said,


 “This site is a worthy site for job seekers. You can give all the details about your skills and they will show the suitable job profiles as soon as possible.”

Rayon said, 

“As a hiring manager, it is always unmanageable to grab some quality people in our team from the normal interviewing process. We had limited C.V options. But after I tried my hands on this website, we got several great resumes with relevant skills.”

Unsatisfied job seekers and hiring executives:

Ashley says,


 “They are showing a good image on the internet, but the outcome result is completely zero. I applied for several jobs, but there was no response.”

Darcy said,

 “I am unable to find quality candidates for my job vacancy. Some of them are fake, and some of them are not responding. It’s disappointing.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score75%
SSL certificate Yes 
Social media presence Yes 
Customer review Yes 

Here are all details about this website. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand each insightful information about Ziprecruiter and solve all questions. 

You can also write to us about your experiences, views, and suggestions for both the website and this article is hireright legit or not in the comment section. We are eagerly waiting to see your responses.

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