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Sizzlefish Reviews? Do you love eating seafood at fancy restaurants? Finding the perfect pick for that delicious fish can be difficult sometimes and, what if you want to get home deliver? 

In this article, we will discuss a website that takes care of your fetish at affordable prices. Sizzlefish supplies fresh and delicious seafood to satisfy your cravings. Read further to know about its reviews.

What is sizzlefish?


Sizzlefish is e-commerce owned by a 30-year-old company supplying seafood to the prestigious grocery companies in the US. They have developed this idea to deliver pure and first-quality fish through their years of experience in sourcing and packaging.

Their mission is to give out healthy food for people to eat and live a better life. Some valuable information about them:

Their fishes are pure and naturally cooked with beneficial ingredients.

  • You can also use their tips for quick preparation of meals.
  • They value health and give correct information about the benefits you will receive through their products.
  • The fish variety includes salmon, shellfish, whitefish, wild Alaska king salmon, and much more.
  • You will receive fourteen perfectly sized cuts of fish in each box. Each Piece is vacuum-sealed for your convenience.
  • Their seafood collection has salmon save fish, paleo, light eating.
  • You can check out the recipe section to surf through some exquisite dishes.
  • They offer free shipping all over the United States.

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  • The address given on the website is Sizzlefish PO Box 10 Ayden, NC 28513, United States.
  • The email address for sending the inquiry is
  • You can also call them at (833) 603-0888
  • They use FedEx for shipping and, it takes 2-3 transit days.
  • Once the package gets shipped, it gets delivered in 1-3 days.
  • If you receive fish products as thawed or materially damaged or have other substantive problems, they will replace your products free of charge.
  • Send a request within7 days, along with a photograph of the issue. Do not send the parcel back to them.
  • You can pay using almost any online payment method or use your credit card.


  • They have explicit knowledge about packaging and keeping fish fresh for a long time.
  • Convenient return policy.
  • Many recipes are listed to help you prepare the best dish according to the fish you buy.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • They pack your products carefully in a reusable, recyclable cooler containing plenty of dry ice.
  • A wide variety of seafood options are available.
  • Valid social media handles are available to find out the reviews.


  • They Ship only in the US.
  • No exact specifications of the owner.
  • Their delivery time takes almost 5-7 days which can degrade the fish quality.

Is Sizzlefish legit?

The trust rating of this website is high, which indicates that it is a safe platform. The contact information provided is legit. The website is designed beautifully with a user-friendly interface. The graphics and pictures are eye-catching and, they have listed many recipes to use. 

They are very active on social media and regularly update new pictures of seafood dishes and sizzlefish Reviews. On Instagram, they have more than 45k followers and more than 12k on Twitter. They have gathered much clout on these platforms. 


Most aspects make it seem like a legitimate platform, but we will recommend our readers do a background check.

Sizzlefish reviews

There is 15000+ review on the official website and, most of them have given good ratings. Overall, they have received 4.9/5 stars from the customers. People have loved their packaging and the wide variety of products available. 

A review by Nancy stated that she loved shopping with them as they are very trustworthy. The food is extraordinary, so is the customer service. People never have any issues with their orders because it reaches right on time.


To our dismay, we also found some negative reviews on open platforms, which told us that the order reached was unfrozen. They did not know if it was safe to eat. One of the customers was disgruntled with their customer service because he couldn’t cancel his subscription. 


Sizzlefish seems like a reliable source of fresh and healthy seafood. You can go through their website to take a look at their services and range of products. But we will suggest you read product details and this article on sizzlefish Reviews before making any substantial purchase.

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