Is leafedin safe | 100+ Reviews, Tested Results (2022)


Is leafedin safe? One of the highlighted names of this industry is leafedin. But how safe it is, get all the detailed information with user reviews.

Though they are not an old company recently, they successfully grabbed people’s attention. But only attention-grabbing is not the fact that you can tryst a company.

To trust a company or platform, one needs to be very conscious about measuring all aspects of the company. After judging all aspects, one can move forward to look for a deal. But the problem is insufficient details regarding this company, and people are mostly confused with opinions. We tried to figure out the truth in this article to help people.

About Leafedin 

Leafedin is a tech company that offers different services to help its clients. The work function is related to software development, and various facts are available about the company. Before judging is leafedin safe or not, we must go through all available details properly. 


They are served their facilities for different industries. There are four types of industries they are connected with, which are mentioned below,

  • Canna Tech 
  • Med Tech
  • Green Tech
  • FinTech


  • Category: Tech company 
  • Niche: software developer company 
  • Contact address: 1267 Willis st, redding, CA 96001, USA
  • Email address to contact:
  • Contact number: 503 201 5344
  • Working days: Monday to Saturday 
  • Working hours: 9 A.M to 6 P.M


  • They are primarily focused on connecting people to people with their revolutionary marketing strategy and marketing kit.
  • The marijuana community makes networking access accessible for cannabis participants.
  • All links of social media links are working.
  • All information about terms and conditions and terms to use and access their services are well mentioned.
  • Leafedin directly contacts buyers and doesn’t include any third person to convey their deal.


  • Most of the dealers are asking for money before offering any service. 
  • Not many dealers are available, and there are pretty selective options available.
  • The website design is inferior, and their site server doesn’t work well every time.

Is leafedin safe?

Now is the time to reveal the truth about Leafedin. However, this website and application offer direct contact to dealers, and it is a two-year-old platform. The most critical fact in our analysis is that not all dealers are available on their websites.

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There is some fraud also available there. The platform is legit, but one must carefully choose the appropriate dealers. Otherwise, people can also fall into the trap of falsity. In our analysis, the forum is not risky. So, we marked it legit with a 60% trust score. But the people available there can be a fraud, and be careful about them.

How do we identify who fraud is on the platform?


After resolving the query about is leafedin safe or not. It is time to let people know how you can mark yourself safe from frauds.

  • First, if their policy is about only accepting gift cards or credit cards. Most fraud companies only accept such cards.
  • Scammers and frauds are unwilling to meet you face to face or in person.
  • There might be chances that they don’t have any reviews or a handful of negative comments and ratings.
  • The dealer maybe seems to be very arrogant towards their attitude.

These are facts that one must remember while checking the website for dealers to make themselves safe from frauds.

What are the reviews of leafedin?

In our analysis on is leafedin safe or not, we get a handful of responses from the people. Most of the reactions are varied; some people get help, while others aren’t satisfied with the website.

Andre Lax says, 


This site is one of the best sites connecting dealers and sellers directly without any middle man, saving a lot of money.

Santa Cruise says,

For buying cannabis, this is an ideal site for her. Though she said there are various fraud companies available still, if anyone maintains the safety protocol, they can crack the best deals.

Alex says,


She is dissatisfied with their services because she reported that they shut down or banned their account for no legitimate reasons.

Carey B says,

His experience is not so good because the services are prolonged. He has been waiting for two months, but his account didn’t get approval.


Hence, the answer to “is leafedin safe” is a yes. It is an excellent site to buy cannibals from direct vendors without consultancy. But yes, there is some fraud from whom you must maintain a safe distance. To mark them, you must follow up on the above-given instructions. Access it safely to get benefited.

Please share your experiences and views on this website through our comment section below. 

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