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In this article, we are discussing LendingPoint and is LendingPoint legit or not. Sometimes, we are not able to fulfill our dreams for money issues. We have the potential but not the money to reach the goal. Though we said talent matters the most, we all know that money is also an important fact. 

LendingPoint is a United States based company. Tom Burnside founded it in 2014. Primarily this is starting for personal loans. LendingPoint evolved a lot with time. 

So, read the full article carefully to find out is LendingPoint legit or not. Hopefully, it will help you.

What is LendingPoint?

It is a private company that offered personal loans, purchases finances, and consultations on its website. This company only offers its service in the United States


It offers loans with a credit score between 600-850. It also has some attractive benefits. There are multiple contact numbers for different kinds of queries. 

This website offers loans in different 49 states, including the District of Columbia. 

They offer many services:

  • Personal loans
  • Business solutions
  • Credit card refinance

Many attractive features of LendingPoint’s are:

  • The fastest application and approval process.
  • More consideration than actual credit score.
  • You can use the money for your usage.
  • Prepayment penalties are not applicable.
  • Fastest access of fundings.

They have a fixed time for repayment, which is within 24 to 60 months. For getting the load, you need to be 18 years old, your credit score is 590 atleast, and you have an annual income of $35,000. 


Also, you need to have an ID proof issued by the state or local government, verified bank account details in your name and a social security number. Sometimes, after approval, they also ask for a driving license, Bank statement, yearly income proof.


  • Contact address: LendingPoints.LLC, Attn: Member Service, 1207 Roberts Blvd, Suite 200, Kennesaw, GA 30145.
  • Customer care number: 

Consumer support number – (888)969-0959

Business Solutions support number – (888) 912-4376

Email address: Consumer support – Business Solutions support – 

  • Payment method: Online payment via Debit card, mailed-in check, ACH, online through Prism.
  • Category of the website: Online Loan offering website
  • Minimum Credit score: 600
  • Loan amount : $2000- $25,000
  • EST. APR : 15.49% – 35.49%

Pros of LendingPoint

  • They always offer a pre-qualification check and soft credit check.
  • You can change your payment due date at your convenience.
  • After approval, you can fund a loan on the next business day.
  • Refinance can reduce your rates.
  • Multiple-way of payment options is available.

Cons of LendingPoint 

  • Unavailability of joint loans.
  • Comparably higher rates than other competitor websites.
  • Loans are unavailable in CO, VT, WV, WY.
  • Only two or three payments reports are available to the major credit bureau.

Is LendingPoint legit or not?


The social media appearance of this company is highly appreciable. They have a proper and verified Facebook and LinkedIn Id. The CEO of the company also has a great LinkedIn ID. 

LendingPoint is highly rated by They rate the credit building 4.5 out of 5. Overall they rated it 3.5 stars out of 5, which is a pretty good rating. 

So, we can consider LendingPoint’s like a legit site. Though it’s a kind of costlier than others, it is a trustworthy site. It is a certified and verified company. USNews also rated it 4.1 stars out of 5. 

Customer opinion about LendingPoint 

After a lot of research, we find thousands of reviews and ratings from 40+ various websites. 


Most of them are positive towards the website. We spotted some overwhelmed customers also who flooded the review section with only compliments and good words. 

So, we find real customers with a positive response from various platforms. LendingPoint satisfied customers’ needs in a very well manner and cleared whether is LendingPoint legit?


So, in the end, the results are clear enough. It is a legit and trustworthy site. You can use it at your convenience. Hopefully, the query is LendingPoint legis clear now. 

You can also write about your own experience with this site and share your thoughts in the comment section. We would love to get responses from your side.

Thank you.

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