Scariest Roblox Games 2021


In this article, we will talk about the best Scariest Roblox games 2021. Roblox is gaining so much attention and popularity in 2020 and 2021 because everyone has got a sufficient amount of free time to play games on their laptop or computer. 

It may be a surprise to tell that it has made 4 years of profit in just these two years from United States players. So to increase their popularity and number of gamers more, they are introducing new games and sequels that are more interesting than the existing ones. If you are a hard-core gamer, then it might occur to you what we mean by interesting. 

Also, they are launching few horror games that make you empty-minded when you play for sure. Let us see what those games are? in the next part. 


List of Scariest Roblox games 2021:

Alone in a Dark House

The game is set in a house where your whole job is to find who is the culprit, who is the reason for the murder and who has performed the murder. The game consists of 20 levels, all in darkness and inside the house. 

Every step you walk into the house, you will face a new surprise, and there are puzzles on the way you have to solve. Only then you know who the culprit is? This game allows 20 members to play. This promises you to have a good scary time along with your co-players.

The Horror Elevator


As the name suggests, this is a story related to an elevator bound to take you to a new floor of an apartment every time you climb the elevator. All the floors are designed with mystery, and you can never know what is waiting for you at the back of the door and what is inside the furniture to make you scary. 

There will be several puzzles on each floor, and you will be able to move forward only after solving this. This game promises you to give ultimate excitement. This game is meant to play with 25 members who are residents of the United States.

The Apartment

The game is about a mysterious apartment. The game starts on the ground floor, where each floor consists of 100 rooms. 4 players can play this game, and all the players enter the apartment from 4 different directions. If you go into a room and then pass the room’s hurdle, you will get an increment of the room that depends upon the number that your hurdle offers you.

It is full of horror sounds and frightening lights. Finally, you need to meet your friends in room 705 after you pass through all the floors. This is known as the Scariest Roblox games 2021 for its graphics and sound system.

Dead silence


This is a reflection of the movie with the same name. This is a 3-player game, meaning that you are eligible to play with two other players. This game is known to start when an unknown person kills one player, and your motto is to know who is one to kill your friend?

You will be given a doll to give you guidelines and instructions on what to do next. Every time you enter a new room in the house, a clue will be given to you by the doll about finding the murderer and your friend.

What do players say?

Like other games, these are also available in the gaming software of this company, and you need to purchase them with the Robux you have. Or you can purchase with gift cards and free coins if you possess any. 


Over the web, we found some testimonials from the players who had little experience in playing these games. They admit that it is the big and improvement step of Roblox and makes the game more interesting while increasing curiosity.

These are rated 4.5 over 5, which is treated as considerable.


Those mentioned above are the Scariest Roblox games 2021 that are launched till now. There presents positive feedback from players; also, we can’t easily say that these games will disappoint you.

Tell us what your opinion about these games is?

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