Is Merchbar Legit


Merchbar is one of the most well-known sites among them. So, now the question is Merchbar legit? Nowadays, our Gen Z is exciting over music bands from various genres. Some of them are so mad about these bands that they want to purchase their official merchandise like cool graphic shirts, hoodies, CDs, official posters, etc.

So, we are looking out for such websites which offer us a large collection of this merchandise. This website is exponentially growing all over the United States and the United Kingdom. They ship their products all over the globe. 


So, if you are a big fan of music bands and want to expand your collection of official merch, read the article carefully and find out is Merchbar legit or not.

What is Merchbar?

Merchbar is an e-commerce site that sells official merchandise of various music bands. They have 100000+ products enlisted in their category with exclusive offers on their prices. They have different products available on their website.


  • Shirts: There are different kinds of shirts available with exciting official logos.
  • Hoodies: There are super comfy hoodies are available with cool graphics.
  • CD: Nowadays, there are very few CD shops available. These websites have a huge collection of CDs which are remarkable.
  • Records: Many valuable records are also available on this site.
  • Jackets: Just like Shirts and hoodies, there are also jackets available with an exciting level.
  • Accessories: Several official merchandises are also available.

Another great fact is they offer merch from every genre like Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Metal, country, etc.


  • Contact address: 182 Howard Street, Suite 212, San Francisco, CA 94105-1611
  • Customer care number: No information available.
  • Email address: 
  • Payment method: Online payment via PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.
  • Category of the website: Official merchandise of various music bands.
  • Delivery time: Processing time + transportation time. Fast shipping.
  • Return of the product: Free return and exchange service available for 10 days.
  • Shipment process: Standard, International, and fast shipping (EMS/DHL/USPS/ePacket) 
  • Method of delivery: Depend on location.

Pros of Merchbar

  • Fast shipping available. 
  • Various authentic payment methods are available.
  • Basic contact details available where you can reach out if needed.
  • Exciting offers and deals are available.

Cons of Merchbar 

  • It’s a costly site; you have to spend a little more on your favorite official merch.
  • As many reviews are there about delaying an order, we can say they slightly delay delivering their products.

Is Merchbar legit or not?


Now, the most important question is Merchbar a genuine website or not. After our deep research, we found mixed reactions from their customers. They have great social media appearances with thousands of followers and a bunch of both bad reviews and good reviews. 

Sometimes, the CEO replies to customer’s reviews and tells them sorry for the inconvenience. So, we can consider it as a legit website. 


Basically, like a coin, it also has two sides, one is good, and the other one is bad.

Customer opinion about Merchbar?

When we started our research on the internet, we bombast thousands of reviews and ratings from their customers. Quite surely, there is a big customer fandom base of them. 

When it comes to reviews, 50% of them complain about quality, late delivery, and plenty more issues like that. And on the other hand, another 50% is showering compliment to them. 


So, we can say we found mixed reactions from real customers. You can surely buy your favorite merch but with a bit of safety.


As we mentioned above, it is a legit site, and no such suspicious activity is found. So, it is crystal clear that Merchbar is legit. And have enough genuine points so that we can give our decision on it. You can purchase something from this website but maintain a bit of safety, nothing else.

You can also write us in the comments section whether you find it is Merchbar legit worthy or not. 

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