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In this article, we will be telling you SSSniperWolf net worth and the basic details and reveal how she has been famous and was able to earn this much. We don’t think you need an introduction about SSSniperWolf, as she is a world-famous person who can take everyone’s attention. 


Youtube is one of those social media platforms from the United States, which can take at least 20 hours a day in an average human’s life. Yes, this can happen if you have an internet connection, laptop, or phone and mainly no good work. There are many ways someone can use Youtube.

  • Few people use it to gain knowledge.
  • Few people use it for entertainment.
  • Few people use it to know the different cultures and get wisdom.
  • Few people watch it for motivation and inspiration.

There is another side of Youtube that is making videos, publishing them, and making money. You can never know how popular your videos can become, and you can earn a whole lot of money.


SSSniperWolf is one such Youtuber who earned millions of dollars from Youtube. In the next sections of this article, we will uncover how she managed to earn this much and SSSniperWolf net worth. 

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Who is SSSniperWolf?

  • It is not her actual name; it is the name of her youtube channel name. 
  • As it is famous, she was called like this. Her actual name is Alia Shelesh, also often referred to as Alia wolf. 
  • She took her birth in turkey in October 1992. And was later on observed to move to England, United States.
  • She has got immense fame and the first best impression with the series SSSniperWolf, written and acted by her. 
  • It is such a good series that it revealed her ideology and acting skills, both at a time. 
  • Fast forward to this series; she was also seen in some of the episodes of Ultimate Expedition, clickbait, and also in a TV series named FANtasies. All of these brought a good name and income for her further activities in the film industry. 
  • She has also won an award for this at Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2019. 

What is SSSniperWolf net worth?

  • She is known as one of the famous and highly paid YouTubers in the whole world. 
  • As per the statistics of 2021, she had around 22 million followers for her youtube channel, which seems unbelievable, but is true. And in total, her videos have generated 8 million views over the past years.
  • As per the calculations she revealed, her current worth is $50 million. 
  • It is also evident that she earns at least $11 million from youtube per year, which means that she is making $30,000 in a single day. 
  • Apart from this, she is also a highly paid actress who will add money to her worth. 
  • If her progress is concerned, her annual income is estimated to rise to $45 million from youtube from this year, which clearly says that she will be a billionaire in the next three years by the end of 2024.

What videos does she post on Youtube? (Her Boyfriend?)


In this section, we will see what type of videos she posts and what makes her videos gain the attention of millions of people:

  • Her journey on youtube started in 2013 where she used to post and stream various videos related to gaming.
  • After one year of posting posts, she got popular for her specialization in Call of Duty. This made a tremendous increase in the subscriber’s rate.
  • After she was starred in some popular series, she started making videos of her expressions. For which she is now called the Expression queen of youtube.
  • Her videos also include crafts, some popular arts, tips, and tricks for beauty.
  • She also does vlogs, Question and answers videos, various challenges, and gaming content for games such as Far cry and OverWatch.

She is also known to have a relationship with a Youtuber name Evan Sausage.



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