Is national student leadership conference legit


Is national student leadership conference legit? These questions are constantly arising, and many people are perplexed by the name and the confusion. There is a lack of people who search the Internet to find the answers to them. They are literally in the giant race to compete with one another.

That’s why we decided to ease their work and present detailed info about the conference. This is a virtual conference for high school students. And in this competitive world, everyone wants to shine brighter than others. To do the same, they can push themselves to the extreme limit and participate in such programs to impress higher authority.


We are here with the detailed process, benefits, drawbacks, and other facts to clarify your doubts.

What is national student leadership conference? 

To know about is national student leadership conference legit or not. This conference is organized explicitly for high school students. If you participated in such a conference, the certification and other recognized stuff can impress the college authorities and increase your chances of admission to your favourite colleges. 


There are many different categories available at this conference;

  • Art.
  • Design.
  • Business.
  • Computer science.
  • Government.
  • Law.
  • Leadership.
  • Community.
  • STEM.

The affiliate program is operated in 12 different universities in the U.S. We created a list of recognized colleges here.

  • American universities of Washington.
  • Yale University.
  • Georgia technology.
  • Northern universities.

What is the process of application at this conference? 

To know whether it is national student leadership conference legit or not, you have to pay attention to this statement.

  • You may have thought (because their mailings are designed to make you believe this) that you need to be nominated to attend an NSLC program. However, that’s not true; any high school student can select themself and will likely be accepted to NSLC.
  • On their website, NSLC states they are looking for students with “academic merit, extracurricular accomplishment, and leadership potential.” Those are comprehensive guidelines, and they don’t offer any more detail.
  • What this likely means is, as long as you have pretty good grades (say a “B” average or higher) and some decent extracurriculars, you have an excellent chance of being accepted.
  • When you apply, you need to send a deposit to reserve your place, so it’s a pretty good giveaway they accept most or all applicants. (They do state that you’ll be refunded if you aren’t received.)
  • The application itself is very brief and will only take you about ten minutes to complete. When you apply, you’ll select the program and date you want to attend, and you’ll need to either pay in full or put down a deposit of several hundred dollars (the exact deposit amount depends on when you apply.)

What is the competition level of this conference?


To answer the question, is national student leadership conference legit or not, read the whole question.

  • The National Student Leadership Conference markets itself as a program exclusively for top students and future leaders. 
  • In their marketing materials, NSLC emphasizes the fact that students must be nominated as a way to show their “competitiveness.” However, these nominations are sent to thousands of students each year, most of whom NSLC knows very little about. 
  • Additionally, being nominated is not required to attend NSLC. Any high school student can still apply without first being set.
  • The application process for students without an invitation used to be much more rigorous, and students needed a B average and a letter of recommendation to apply.
  • But you can see now that the application is just a few basic questions that hardly make it seem like a competitive program.
  • A for-profit company runs NSLC, so the more students enroll in their programs, the more money they make.
  • That means they don’t want to be too selective because they want a lot of admitted applicants to increase their chances of getting as many program attendees as they can.
  • NSLC programs can have benefits, which I discuss in more detail in the following sections. Still, students and their parents need to know that neither being nominated for NSLC nor attending one of its programs shows any exceptional academic or leadership skills.

Please keep reading to know whether it is national student leadership conference legit.

What is the benefit of this program?

  • Specific career.
  • Learn about leadership skills.
  • Develop new relationships with new people.
  • Experience the practical enviroment.

What are the drawbacks of this conference?

  • The duration of this program is short.
  • Expensive course.
  • This conference’s marketing skills aren’t good.

Is national student leadership conference legit?

  • We mark this program legit, and we give it 89% scores.
  • They are collaborating with well-recognized universities.
  • They have been running this business for over ten years.
  • Many people have benefited from this program.

The certification is prestigious. Hopefully, all these points are enough to make it legit and worthy.


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Trust score 89%
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SSL certificate Yes 
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We mark this conference as legit with a high trust score. This is worthy for your future career and will help in impressing your college.

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