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Is martabak legit group good for having food? We can spot foodies all around the world. They are always up for good and cheap food. All of them want to explore more. Recently, martabak has been creating a big buzz. A considerable amount of people spend most of their time on the Internet. Food is always one of the essential things in our daily life. 

This is a famous restaurant in Indonesia. Looking at the situation, we conducted profound research on this matter and presented here an entire list of the fundamental things of the restaurant, the good facts and the alarming facts about the place, their menu, and what are their best items. 

What is Martabak legit group?

Martabak is a famous restaurant for Indonesian food. The local people are in love with this restaurant and the desire to eat everything from the menu. We will disclose the whole menu soon in our forthcoming segments. Keep your eye on this article for more information.


  • Category: Food restaurant.
  • Type: Both online and offline facilities are available.
  • Food type: famous and traditional Indonesian food.
  • Payment mode: You can clear payment by cash online, and other online facilities are dependable on their Payment options.
  • How to order: You can place orders via any renowned food delivery application. Contact Number: +81572 388959.
  • Contact address: No valid address is available on the official website.
  • Email address: No accurate information related to this is available on the Internet.

Positive facts

  • They serve the safest food with good quality.
  • They also offer an open kitchen to satisfy their customers.

Negative facts 

  • Sometimes the food prices are higher than average food. Mainly you can find some items costly.

What food items are available on the menu items?


Martabak legit group has a vast menu to discover. We present a whole list of all food items to serve you the exact details.

  • Keju 
  • Kju jangun
  • Keju ketan
  • Kacang cocalet
  • Keju kacang
  • Keju coclet
  • Keju pisang
  • Keju kismis
  • Coklat Kismis
  • Pisang Coklat
  • Mix Rasa
  • Nutella
  • Nutella Keju
  • Nutella Kacang
  • Ovomaltine
  • Ovomaltine Keju
  • Ovomaltine Kacang
  • Coklat Kismis
  • Pisang Coklat
  • Mix Rasa
  • Nutella
  • Nutella Keju
  • Nutella Kacang
  • Ovomaltine
  • Ovomaltine Keju
  • Ovomaltine Kacang
  • Ayam
  • Kornet
  • Sapi

Is this company trustworthy?

Now, this is the time for the essential part of the articles. Is Martabak legit group trustworthy or not? According to our analytical studies, this brand is trustable for consuming its food.

  • We mark it as a legit one and keep it like 89% trust scores.
  • They offer a vast number of menus.
  • They have been running the business for around 15 years. No fake company can ever make this position for all these years.
  • Their name is placed in several different renowned food delivery portals, which mark its legitimacy.
  • They also have a good and widespread social media presence, and all links available on the website are workable.

What are the buyer’s responses?

According to our research, people are loving martabak legit group food. People are showering good compliments and admirable words about them on the Internet.

Lucy said, 


“I am in love with each food on this menu. I almost tried every food item on this menu.” 

Sera said, 

“This place is one of my favorite places to spend my evening. Their food is a perfect companion to spend my lonely hours with. Also, this is a good place to have a good snack time with family.”


Social Media PresenceYes
Customer reviewsYes
SSL certificateYes

Here are all the crucial details available about this restaurant. This restaurant is worth money. This is a proper place to eat your favorite food. You can go to this company without any stress.

You can write to us about your experiences in the martabak legit group. Our comment section is open for any view. We would love to hear your feedback.


Is this place reasonable for everyone?

Yes, you can also find cheap food here according to your pocket.


What is the special dish of this restaurant?

Indonesian traditional foods are the specialty of this restaurant.

What is the starting range?

You can find food under $10 here on the menu.

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