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Is legit? This is a question arising into the minds of many people as beauty matters to many of them? Usually, people love to change and have a new dressing style for functions or at their workplace. But as in the case of women, they do have a different hairstyle for each dressing type. 

Sometimes the hair type does not suit that particular outfit, so this is one reason to get a hair wig. As human hair wigs are very costly, citizens of the United Statesare willing to use this website to order hair wigs, which will give them a natural and good look. So, here we will gain information about the website and its legitimacy.

What is


 It is an online website where users can buy human hair wigs. They have also mentioned the tip to wash the human hair wig as they are very costly; also, they can style up in many ways. So, it is too important to use the proper products and correct techniques to care so that they properly last for a long time. 

They have also mentioned the tips to wash curly hair as the curls should be proper. They have also provided an option with the website to join them to get hair tutorials and the latest discounts, but the details on the website and reviews are essential to know that is legit or not. 


They also have a section named as frequently asked questions where many questions related to wigs are answered to get a clear idea about it. They have displayed various wigs on the website like Ethiopian, Brazilian, Indian, Closure Frontals, Japanese denim, closure frontals, and some of the wholesale wigs. 

Under each type of wigs, they have mentioned the price, description, status of availability, and an option to add it to the cart, making it people of the United States easy to shop. We need to log in or need to have an account to make a purchase.


  • Care information: In this section, they have provided tips for human hair wigs and curly hair wigs.
  • Email Address: It is not available on the website.
  • Contact Number: This information is not provided on the website.
  • Contact Address: There is no contact address available on the website.
  • Delivery time: It depends on the custom options and product collections.
  • Return policy: The user needs to contact for return within 7 days after the delivery, then they will try to fix the problem either by exchanging it or by returning it.
  • Payment methods: All the standard payment methods are made available, like VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro.

Pros of

  • Various types of wigs are made available on the website for users.
  • Tips to wash the hair wigs are mentioned on the website.
  • The payment methods are also standard.
  • Description of each hair wigs is mentioned under and also all the related information as such.
  • The product can be returned or exchanged within 7 days after delivery.
  • Some wholesale products are also made available on the site.
  • They have provided an option to subscribe to provide information about the latest discounts and hair tutorials.

Cons of

  • Contact details are not mentioned, which makes users doubt whether is legit or not.
  • If the return request is not sent within 7 days, they will not accept the request later.
  • And they will not provide the option to return it directly; they will first try to fix the flaws, and then if they are not able to do it, they will allow us to return the product.

Is legit?


It is very important to read every point mentioned on the website. So, that it will make us feel safe while transacting and making decisions related to it. Even though the site does not contain contact details, they still have a trust score of 58.3%.

And also, they do not have any social pages for their website. So, if users are willing to make transactions, then do it by taking care of your safety as not many details are mentioned on the site. So, we can tell that this site is a suspicious one. reviews:


We searched for customer’s feedback or reviews but did not get that, and even details about contact are also not available, which makes us doubt is legit?


After going through the information made available for the users on the website and some research related to it, we can finally conclude that this is a suspicious website even though they have a better trust score. Still, if the user is willing to buy, then do take care of your safety.

ParametersYes/no/ percentage
Social media presenceno
Trust score58.3%
SSL EncryptionNo

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