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Kostover com Reviews? We are here with a new brand that makes magical windmills that serve as the perfect décor for your garden. They are a new domain and only make few varieties but highly focus on their quality.

They started their venture in the United States. It has been getting attention from the public due to its unique and eco-friendly designs. It is very positive for their marketing. The users need to be very vigilant about the product details before purchasing them.


Continue reading for every detail.

What is kostover com?

Kostover is a small family business in America. They manufacture and pack all the products in their warehouse. Their business started in their garage with few bright-minded family members and, now they have created a complete brand

Kostover is an online portal that deals in home furnishings, outdoor furnishings, clothing, and other products. Their products are unique and innovative, inspired by the peaceful breeze.


Most people have come across the brand through pop-up ads presented on various social media. Their homepage has so many new and beautiful products that will make anyone admire their inventiveness. Read further to know about kostover com reviews.


  • Contact Address – This website operates jointly by Meledo Company Limited and Luobei Juxing Network Technology Co., Ltd.Singapore Blk. The contact address on their website 28Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-08 (S)139959(This is not a returning address). Address of the Luobei Juxing Network Technology Co., Ltd.No. 18181, District 1, Qianjin Village, Tuanjie Town, Luobei CountyCrescenter.
  • Contact care number– +653159 1577
  • Email Address – service@kostover.com
  • Payment Method – You may use any online payment method. It is SSL encrypted.
  • Category of the Website – They manufacture and deal in home décor
  • Delivery Time – After processing, verifying, and doing a quality check, it takes 10-20 days for delivery in the United States. The international deliveries can take up to 7-30 days.
  • Return of Product – Their goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and provide a full refund. They have 45 days return period on all products directly purchased through them. Defective items are refunded full but, for non-defective items, refund excludes all shipping and handling fees.
  • Countries available– They are available in the US and many other countries worldwide.
  • Shipment Process – They cost an extra shipment charge of $15 for expedited shipping and free delivery for orders above $40.
  • Method of Delivery – The orders deliver through epackets in the US.


  • free shipping on orders above $40 in the United States
  • Their goods are unique and have an authenticated patent.
  • You can save more and get high discounts by buying more than one product.
  • It is a brand providing services around the globe and aiming for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • It is SSL encrypted so, all your information is protected. They have numerous payment options.
  • They have many pictures of the windmills and other products with many FAQs.


  • Not provided the address of their warehouse.
  • Trust score is very under satisfactory.
  • They are new in this line of business and lack a user base.

Is kostover com legit?

The brand is a small family business in America but does not has specific information about the owner. We also went through their entire website and did a comprehensive analysis. We thoroughly read their windmills details. 


There are no kostover com reviews present on their website. The website has a trust score of 2% makes it an unreliable and suspicious platform. Due to the above criteria, we cannot say they are legitimate.

The platform was launched just a few months ago but, they have unique designs which can benefit them if they improve their services. They need to work on their marketing and promotion skills to gain a huge user base. It is a new domain so, it might increase its credibility in the future.                        

Kostover com reviews

They have no social media handles registered on their platform and, we couldn’t track them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We also tried to locate any authentic customer feedback on any open platform but failed. 


It was created just a few months ago and has slow traffic. Due to this, no reviews. We would recommend our readers to read through the website and products details before making any substantial purchase.


They have designed many creative windmills and furnishings for their brand. But still, they have many fields to enhance to render satisfying customer services. 

Social mediaNo
Trust score2%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionYes

Make sure to read through the kostover com reviews before buying any of the products. If you have previously used their products do share your views with us.

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