Is Raise Gift Cards Legit


Is raise gift cards legit? Do you have some spare store cards of no use? Do you want to get some exclusive offers for making affordable deals? Now all of these services are available on a single platform. is an easy process to get some extra dollars for the people of the United States. It serves as a market for unused gift cards. You can get deals at some super exciting prices. We have given a detailed preview of this website in the following article. Read further to know more.

What is raise gift cards?

It is a portal that connects different people and helps them present gift cards at reasonable charges. You can get some extra discounts as compared to the official stores.

This can help you manage money on this website by buying from them. According to the information posted on the homepage, all the customers saved $150 million through this domain. You can also avail of discounts and promocodes/coupons.


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Some aspects of the company:

  • They have launched an app to run things smoothly.
  • You have a wide variety of different stores, games, and e-commerce cards.
  • A sorting tool is present that allows users to view only categories they are interested.
  • They have a cashback tool to get store credit for buying any card at its original price.
  • It is accessible for future purchases.
  • There is a bucket list, here you can save your preference and use it instantly anytime.
  • Do you know you can get $5 whenever your friends buy something on, become a part of the referral membership.
  • You do not get charged by the portal for buying any gift card. But as sellers, they ask to give a portion of your earnings.
  • They charge 15% of the selling amount as commission.
  • For physical cards, you need to pay an additional $1.
  • The payment is sent through various methods. But for special requests of cheques, you will get charged $30.
  • Make sure you get well versed with their policies and conditions before affiliating with them. Calculate the final amount after deducting all charges.

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How to sell on raise gift cards?

Here is a guide to help you sell/buy any old gift card on raise com which will also help you to know whether it is raise gift cards legit? Follow the steps mention below.

  • Start by using a device with an active wi-fi connection.
  • Now, you can use any browser to search’s official website.
  • When the page loads, you shall read all the policies present in it.
  • Then, go to the signup option and create your profile.
  • They ask you to set a password after you link your Facebook profile.
  • After that, you can complete your profile by submitting payment details and your address.
  • Now you can surf anything from the store.
  • But as a seller, upload all the information and get a quote.
  • When any Customer purchases it, you will get three options for payment. They can directly transfer it to your account, PayPal or cheque.

The procedure mentioned above is analyzed and followed by us.

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  • It is a place to buy genuine gift cards without getting swindled.
  • There is much more you can do on the app by accessing various discounts and coupons/ stack saving.
  • There are multiple payment options.
  • They have mentioned all of their policies and terms/ conditions with complete transparency.
  • It has a 100 days refund policy.


  • Many cards are placed at unaffordable prices.
  • The company charges a 15% commission.
  • They charge $30 to get a physical cheque.
  • There is no assurance that your card will get sold. It can take months for any Customer to show interest.

Is raise gift cards legit?

is raise gift cards legit? The website is vee well developed, and they have also released an app for regular customers. The services and features present on the homepage are alluring. They offer a money-back guarantee in case of any mishap.

But make sure you report it as soon as possible to resolve your issue as soon as possible. It offers a 100 days return policy; it is a big advantage compared to any other domain of the same type.


The company offers many protection tools for sellers. So that they do not get scammed. They got a ‘B’ rating from BBB and, many complaints got filed against the website.

You can connect with the brand through social media handles and, they have even received blue tick on Instagram. Most aspects show it is a legitimate website but, you shall do some research before affiliating with them.

Raise gift cards reviews

They have received various consumer ratings on the internet but, we found a trustworthy source with a 1.7/5 stars rating. Many people got scammed by receiving empty/no-value gift cards.

They have an unhelpful Customer care service and, most of the time they do not answer. Some sellers mentioned that Raise took their cards but did not spend their money. We located many testimonials to find Is raise gift cards legit?


We also came across positive reviews where customers were satisfied with the purchases and highly recommended them to others. If you own a game gift car, this place can benefit you because many people show interest.

 You can bargain and get the best price for it. There is a mixed response on the internet but, most people are disappointed with them. So, we will recommend our readers surf through all options before choosing it.


Is raise gift cards legit? It is a platform with multiple features to buy/sell gift cards. Some of its tools and policies are better than any other option in the United States. But we will recommend our readers do some research before affiliating with them.

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Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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