Is Rimisneaker Legit | Yes You Can Shop, But?


Many readers want to know whether it is rimisneaker legit or not. The website is selling branded shoes, few has mentioned that’s these are 1st copy product. But few users praised the item.

We bring exclusive facts about such platforms that are in the hype to let our readers know if it is accurate or a scam. Being a sneakerhead is not always about spending hefty finances every time. That’s what has been proved by this platform. 


This site has all exclusive brands and styles but at an affordable price. This site has international brands from all over the world. The idea is to make it available for the customer who wants to look stylish and add designer footwear to their wardrobe but is on a budget. 

What is a Rimisneaker? 

This site has all your favorite designer sneakers; the items listed are budget-friendly and eye-catching. It has Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, and many more for every occasion, such as running and casual wear. Many youngsters are eyeing this platform to level up their everyday looks.


Is Rimisneaker legit or not? We will discuss this in this article. As per our experience, it has products for all age groups and genders. Due to their trendy items, it has raised many questions looking at the price tags it bears. Let’s look at the website to understand it before spending on it. 

Products available: 

Here are some of the highlighted products that we have noted below: 

  • Air Jordan 14
  • Balenciaga
  • L/V trainer
  • Amiri
  • Nike Air force 
  • New Balance
  • Lanv*n


  • Objective: affordable sneakers from all brands and styles
  • Address: Commercial center Hong Kong, Flat 2304, Yuen Street, Moong oak
  • Email:
  • Contact details: +8615622391330
  • Date of website launch: 2021-03-14
  • Date of website update: 2023-09-18
  • Date of its expiry: 2028-03-14
  • Social media platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp 
  • Return & refund: only acceptable within 7ndays of delivery for the damaged products
  • Payment: PayPal 
  • Shipping details: Shipping worldwide and delivery within 15 to 20 days. 

How to place an order?


Here are some easy steps through which customers can place their orders:

  • Firstly, look for the site from your browser, available in one shot. After that, the homepage will show the most trending items and brands with price tags. 
  • Click on the right-corner log-in option beside the cart. Put in your email address and password to create an account. 
  • After creating an account, the users can browse the catalog brand-wise, size-wise, and on occasion. 
  • Choose the items and add them to the cart. After this, the final step is to enter your address and make the payment, which can be done through PayPal. 


  • This site provides refunds if the item is damaged, which makes us stop doubting whether it is legit or not to some extent. 
  • It has the most favorite and trendiest sneaker design suitable for all age groups and genders.
  • The prices are very affordable, and if you love to collect everything like a sneakerhead, it is the one-stop destination. 
  • Apart from low pricing, they also provide sales occasionally, so it’s up to the customers to keep an eye out to grab the best.
  • The product doesn’t appear counterfeit, and nobody will know about it.


  • The products displayed in the catalog are worn out when they get delivered for real. Most people who love their comfort would prefer buying something non-branded than spending on it. 
  • There are not many designs available on the website, which are all seasonal. Therefore, it is difficult for those who want essential sneakers and not trendy ones.
  • Although there are many platforms where the site is available, they barely reply to it after dropping many concerns.
  • Many sites appear when one searches for rimisneaker, which is a trouble for those who can’t differentiate. 

What are customer responses? 

To understand is rimisneaker legit or not, let’s have a look at what their customers want to convey about the platform to make the right decision: 

Positive feedbacks:

  • One customer on the official site who bought an Air Jordan 4 worth $144 says that the show looks expensive even though the texture, color, and smell are similar to high-end brands. 
  • Another customer who bought Travis Scott x Air Jordan has reviewed that the show quality is excellent, like the real one, and got delivered in two weeks with excellent packaging. 
  • Another customer on the public opinion forum has reviewed that the design and detailing are just like another expensive brand; nobody can recognize it’s a replica of real ones. 

Negative feedbacks: 

  • From the public opinion forum, we have experienced reviews where customers have complained about not receiving any details of the order or the payment made after the order has been placed, even if the product wasn’t delivered. 
  • Some victims have stated that they received damaged products and worked out, but the company didn’t approve a return and refund. 

Is rimisneaker legit? 


After looking at the reviews and experiencing the site ourselves, this authentic platform has real customers on its website. The customers have reviewed the products and posted their experience with pictures. 

Rimisneaker is also available on social media platforms; the products listed on the site are accurate and versatile and have no copied pricing. Customers can select the product and check how many customers approve it.


This is a legitimate website, and one can purchase from it. We hope our review on whether it is rimisneaker legit is worth reading. Please write your experience in the comment section, and don’t forget to rate us. 

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