Is Kickscrew a Legit Site | A Yes, But with Mixed Reviews?


Is Kickscrew a legit site? Customers often have this doubt about websites. Our article will get the customers the desired answers to their questions. Let’s find out the full details with user feedback.


Kickscrew is an online retailer that meets its clients’ footwear demands. It offers clients a range of products to choose from. The website, the items the business sells, the benefits and drawbacks of the brand, and user evaluations are all covered on this page.


Kicks Crew is an online retail store formed in 2021 that makes sneakers accessible to everyone. Additionally, it serves as a reminder that sneakers are for everyone, irrespective of their price, brand, size, style, and function. Since its founding, Kickscrew has become one of the most reliable and easy-to-use online shoe markets. With the expansion of the website to include garments and accessories, 4 lakh distinct styles can now be found online.


Since Kickscrew is home to several companies, its technology is powered by enterprise-level solutions and is scaled and optimized for efficiency. Their goal is to lead the way in both retail and customer service. This essay will assist us in addressing the query: Is Kickscrew a legitimate site? 

Types of products

The store has various brands like Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Rigorer, crocs, Puma, Off-white, Converse, etc.

  • The store sells sports essentials like shoes, bags, etc.
  • It has a collection of hoodies, jerseys, watches, etc.
  • One of the advantages of the retail store is that it sells shoes for particular sports, like golf shoes, tennis shoes, etc.
  • The store sells different types of sneakers like chestnuts, ice cream, regular boxes, buzz beaters, dusted cocoas, etc.


  • Purpose: To remind customers that there is a pair of shoes for everyone regardless of size and need. 
  • Contact Number: They are yet to update their number. 
  • Email ID: They are yet to update their email I.D. on the website. 
  • Address: The address is not updated on the website.
  • Social Media: Customers can reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.
  • Shipping info: Delivers worldwide, takes 7 to 10 days for delivery, and collects tax on purchases. Has a well-bifurcated distribution channel. 
  • Website origin date: 06-08-2009
  • The expiration date of the website– 06-08-2028
  • Last updated on: 26-10-2022


  • One stop for all the needs like apparel, accessories, and shoes for different sports, etc.
  • The store ships worldwide to cater to the maximum number of customers. 
  • It has a detailed delivery system and uses the services of Aramex, FedEx, DHL, S.F., Express, etc, to deliver the products.
  • The online store provides several payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Gpay, and Apple Pay. 


  • We observed that the website has yet to update its contact number, email I.D., and address. Thus, it becomes a limitation on the part of the retail store as it can’t have direct contact with customers, which should be the store’s primary goal, being a retail enterprise. 
  • Does not provide an option for cash on delivery. 

Kickscrew: What are the users’ opinions on it?

Positive reviews 

  • A customer stated, “he found his experience very quick and easy.”
  • Clients had a wonderful experience; the shipping service was quicker than expected. 
  • The quality of the products was excellent. 
  • Happy with the order, a customer wrote, “Fast and reliable.”
  • Customers were satisfied as the store has quick delivery and is legitimate. 

Negative reviews 

  • A few customers got anxious as there was no proper communication between the customers and the store. 
  • An unhappy customer commented he would never buy from the website as he received a size different from what he ordered.
  • A few customers dissatisfied with the service wrote that it was “an absolute scam.”

Is Kickcrew a legit site?


The website was rated 3.7 out of 5 stars (Trust Score). The website has ensured that consumers may contact them with questions, even if it does not provide the store’s location or phone number. They have a page where the customer can submit their issue or complaint, and the website will contact the concerned customer.

Furthermore, the website’s advantages outweigh its drawbacks. It is one of the fastest in delivering the products. As a result, we can respond to the query, Is Olivia Mark apparel authentic? In the affirmative, yes.



Is Kickscrew a legit site? In the article, this was the first question posed. After investigating, we discovered that the business offers several advantages, like quick delivery, a large selection of products, etc. Though there are divergent opinions, the positive ones are more common. In addition, the rating indicates Kicks Crew’s reliability. 

We hope that our evaluation is of use to you. Please share your thoughts.

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