Is Stubhub Safe


Is Stubhub safe, in your opinion? There are thousands of fake reviews available about this site. These fake reviews are enough to burst your mind with various kinds of thoughts. Tickets are a sensitive topic. Many people are emotionally attached to their favorite artist’s song and favorite group’s theatre. They have been waiting for ages to watch all those shows live. That’s why fake tickets can break their heart hilariously.

This company is a United States-based renowned company. As the tickets are linked with fan’s sentiment, we decided to review this site and present every detail about this company to clarify all your doubts. We analyze each section of specifications, new updates, and a detailed list of the shows available on their site for your help. Please keep your eye on it for a clear visible idea about Stubhub.

What is Stubhub?

Stubhub is an online ticket seller and reseller website. They include various genres in their category, and eBay is the primary owner of this website. This website started its service in 2000. We mentioned a detailed category list below. Have a look to learn more.


A detailed list of available Categories:

  • Sports event.
  • Concert events.
  • Theatre shows.
  • Comedy shows
  • Special festive events and festivals.

There are different subcategories available for this site in many categories.

In the concert section, there are six subcategories available. Which are- 

  1. Pop.
  2. Rock.
  3. Hip-hop.
  4. R&B.
  5. Festival.

In the sports category, there are eight sub-division available. Which are mentioned below:

  • NCAA football.
  • NFL.
  • NBA.
  • NHL.
  • NCAA Basketball.
  • MLB.
  • Motorsports.
  • More others.

In the theatre section, there are five available categories available to book:

  1. Musical theatres.
  2. Play.
  3. Comedy plays.
  4. Family theatres.
  5. More different genres.

After analyzing all these categories, doubt is still left in your mind is Stubhub safe to use or not. We are coming on this topic after we serve you all the specific details about this website.


  • Contact Number: No legit information is available on their website.
  • Email address: 
  • Contact address: They only mention the U.S. but not the exact location of their office.
  • Category: Ticket selling and reselling website.
  • Payment option: Only an online payment option is available to purchase tickets from this site.
  • Payment mode: You can clear all payments via PayPal, American Express, credit card, and debit card.
  • Money-back policy: You can refund your money if you cancel your tickets seven days before the event.


  • There is a separate portal available to buy or avail gift cards on any purchase.
  • They claimed a hundred percent warranty on each ticket purchase from this website.
  • They also offer a special reselling ticket portal for their customers. You can sell tickets on this site. They also sold your tickets as a reseller and asked for a bit of commission for it.


  • No contact details are available to reach out to them directly.
  • You can’t cancel your tickets 2 days before the events. 
  • They only accept the refund process seven days before the date.
  • Sometimes, the ticket price is higher than usual on this site. All these circumstances depend on the demand of the event.

Is Stubhub safe?

Now, the most thrilling part of the article is here. We are going to answer this question. For your help and better understanding, we prepare facts in a point list format:

  • eBay owned this company from the very beginning. They have been a well-known business for the past few years. This incident is solid evidence of their legitimacy to mark it safe.
  • This company has both HTTPS and SSL certificates. Your data is completely secured.
  • There are millions of positive responses available on the Internet about them.
  • Valid Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ID are available on these platforms with many followers.

After analyzing all these points, we mark it a safe site with an 85% trust score.

Customer opinion on this site?

We found an enormous number of positive responses about this online website on the Internet. The statement that is Stubhub safe is entirely true. 

Suzan said,

 “I am trusting this site to buy tickets from the last 2 years, and they never disappoint me till now.”


Malvin said,

 “I am a mad fan of music concerts and events. It’s really hard to buy legit tickets every time. But this site reduced my effort and gave accurate tickets every single time.” 


Parameters Remarks 
Trust score 85%
Social media presence Yes 
SSL certificate Yes 
Customer review Yes 

All pictures are clear. You can buy tickets from this site. Hopefully, this article helps you to solve your queries. 

You can share your opinion on is Stubhub safe in the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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