Is The GLD Shop Legit


Is the GLD shop legit? Are you dazzled by the bling of jewelry adorned by ASAP Rockey or Wiz khalifa and want to get your hands on similar products? So let’s review whether GLD shop is safe or not so that you can securely get your hands on the best jewelry worn by your favorite celebrity.

With the rise in flashy diamond ornaments trending among the United States people inspired by rappers such as JAY-Z, Travis Scott, etc., every individual wants to get those heavily studded chains and flashy rings. Still, the quality of these products needs to be tested and thoroughly verified. We have covered one such very famous brand for you in this article. So keep reading to find out the details.

What is a GLD shop?


GLD is an entrepreneur venture of two friends from Pittsburgh who aspired to design and produce jewelry that would inspire and create a holistic lifestyle. Starting as a small venture to an international business has been an incredible journey. 

Their products have been incredibly accepted by many top celebrities, giving them a more significant marketing edge. Let’s find out whether it is the GLD shop legit as per the considerable claims to its customers.


  • Contact Address – They are based in the United States and have their headquarters in Miami.
  • Customer Care Number – The customer care number provided on the website is (855)252-3775.
  • Email Address – The email address provided on the website is
  • Payment Method – They accept payment through any Credit or debit cards, including VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal, DISCOVER, etc.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in jewelry such as chains, pendants, bracelets, Cubans, rings, etc.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product depends on the location and the country you ordered. In the United States, it takes 5-10 business days for delivery. Time may vary for locations outside the country.
  • Return of Product – The purchases can be returned or exchanged within 14 days of delivery. There is no return/ exchange on customized jewelry.
  • Shipment Process – The shipment can be tracked on their website. They cost an extra shipment charge depending on the delivery address. Different countries have different additional shipping charges.
  • Method of Delivery – They offer a standard shipping method, International expedited services, and International economy shipping for delivery in all countries.

Pros of GLD shop

  • They offer services worldwide
  • It is an online portal and easily accessible to all.
  • Their custom-made jewelry is made as per the requirements of customers.
  • They offer a warranty on all their products.
  • The customer can pay money over time and buy products instantly.
  • There are no interest rates on all carts worth $400 plus.
  • Many A-list stars and rappers prefer the products.

Cons of GLD shop

  • They do not offer cash on delivery on their website.
  • They do not exchange/ return custom-made jewelry.

Is the GLD shop legit or not?


We did thorough research on their entire website and their social media handles. They have proudly mentioned their associations with the A-list stars such as ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Trippie Redd, and even their partnerships with NBA and Marvel comics are even giving them marketing more than any strategy can achieve.

Such a vast network of business from one platform is commendable. Moreover, these strategic business associations on such open platforms give us every reason to believe their legitimacy.

What is the GLD Shop Review by the customer?

We tracked down numerous reviews by their customers on their website and many other open platforms. Unfortunately, the response from the customers was very mixed. We were able to find some very positive responses from the happy customers who appreciated the quality of the jewelry received. In addition, they gushed about the custom-made jewelry services they offer at a very economical price.


But all that glitters is not gold. When we looked deeper into the comments, we found that numerous agitated customers have complained about the services they offer, ranging from delivery timing, shipment method, and customer care services. The customers have given very negative feedback at some points. 

But what was illuminating to see was the acknowledgment from their team to each negative comment in an attempt to reach out to every aggrieved customer and sort out his issues with their assistance. This attribute was appreciable, and speculation whether the GLD shop is legit or not to rest.



They have created a strong brand for themselves and are being loved around the globe. Custom-made jewelry is very preferred by customers and is among the top sellers. Even though whether the GLD shop is legit or not has been positively answered, they still have a lot to improve as per the user response. 

It is a great platform to get your hands on your favorite jewelry. Still, we recommend scanning all the terms and conditions and researching the quality of products and warranty they offer before making any purchase.

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