Is Trendzilla A Legit Website [Feb 2024]


Do you want to know is trendzilla a legit website? We have researched this website, and we have all the information regarding its legit. These days, online selling business is the most common way to scam people and get money from them. So, whenever we buy something online, we should ensure that we are going and proceeding with a legit one. For that, we need to review the website right!

It is a clothing business that emerged in the United States. The website looks fantastic and organized, but this doesn’t guarantee that it is a legit one. So, we need to check on a few points and then decide whether we can trust this site or not. Let us move forward and then see the website’s specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews. 

What is trendzilla?

It is a virtual cloth store from the United States. They do not offer any offline shopping, and this business is very young. It just started in May 2021. When a website is new, it would be tough to trust. As the website says, they sell all types of clothes and other fashion items also. 


You can get kids to wear toys, gifts, personal care items, makeup sets, footwear, and all sorts of clothes. With this information, we can’t say it’s legit, right! Also, they copied the content from other websites. It is a hazardous sign if you are thinking to buy. Let us see all these details specifically and decide is trendzilla a legit website?  


Here are the main specifications of this site. 

  • Website link:
  • Categories you can shop: It offers all types of cloth shopping. You can buy men’s clothes, women’s clothes, swimwear, and everything related to clothing. 
  • Contact information: Not found on the website. 
  • Email address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment strategies: There is only one option available for payments. They accept payments done through PayPal and no other methods.
  • Returns: Returns and refunds are available for products over $100. Below that, you can’t even have an exchange option. 
  • Delivery information: Products are shipped and delivered within 3-10 business days. 
  • Order tracking: You can track the status of your order from the website itself.

In the next sessions, we will see Is trendzilla a legit website?


  • The collection of products is good.
  • Free shipping is available for some products. 

Except for this, there are not many pros.


  • Prices are high.
  • No discounts are available on any product.
  • The cash on delivery option is not available. 
  • Return policies are difficult to agree with.
  • They do not provide any individual ratings or descriptions for products. 
  • The site’s content seems copied.

Is trendzilla a legit website?


To confirm this, we should cross-check some of the legitimacy points and decide if this is a legit website or not.

First of all, this is a very new website and the web traffic recorded is very low.

They do not have any social media presence, which is treated as a bad sign and makes us think it may be a suspicious business.


They do not offer offline shopping options. As you might have expected, the trust score for this website is 16%, which is very low. 

Now, let us see how customers are reacting to their services.

What are customer reviews?

There are a few reviews available over the web, which we found in our extensive research. They contain both positive reviews and negative reviews. Let us have a look at them and decide the legit of this site.

Rita says, “I thought it was a new website, and I should not trust it. But, I got flattered by the beautiful products the website has, and I ordered one dress, doubting whether I would receive it or not. But, what surprised me was that I got the product the very next day, which turned out to be of good quality. I loved the product as well as the service.”


Bernal says, “As I expected, I got scammed. I didn’t receive my product. And there is no way I can reach them. It is a complete scam, do not go for it. It is better to keep money in pockets rather than sending it to some scammer’s hands.”

As we have seen, the reviews are mixed type. With this, we can’t say that it is a legit business.


Though there is a positive review found, the website failed in other aspects of the legitimacy check. If you ask, Is trendzilla a legit website? We should say that it is suspicious. If you want to buy, please take safety concerns and the buy.

Social Media PresenceNo
Trust score16%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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