Is USA Funding Applications Legit or Not [March 2023]


In this article, let us see – Is USA Funding Applications Legit or not. The very first thing that you can see when you open their website is that there is an availability of applications. Using this website, you can fund that too in five different areas.

The website provides different details and contains the steps as well. You will have to log in before you use their website, and you can apply and start funding for various applications.

What is USA Funding Applications?


It is a website that helps you get access to many applications. It is an online application system for grants, and it has sources of over 20,000. Once you open their website, you can see the procedure to follow.  

Sounds easy? But still pondering – Is USA Funding Applications Legit? We will see that as well. The procedure for getting on board is as follows –

  • Claiming your information to be secure, the first step is to get yourself registered
  • In the next step for application, they even provide teaching for the various application sources
  • Then all you have to do is apply for the grants

Registration is a threefold process. The first step is to fill in the form with the required information like name, address, occupation, etc. You have to specify the type of funding you are looking for, the amount you need, the duration you will need it, and how you will utilize it. 


To help people fulfill their goals, they say they collect money from various charitable sources and motivate them to start their journey to success. The logo of the app is a symbol of a star. They even state on their website that they help low-income residents of Silicon Valley. 


  • Name of the website – USA Funding Website
  • Email –
  • Phone number – 8882614837
  • Funding categories – Housing, real estate, home buying, veterans, etc
  • Number of applications – 3850 in the last 90 days
  • The charge for access to the web center is – 29.95$
  • Guarantee – if you do not receive funding, then the website will give you the refund money
  • The cost for ongoing service is – 34.95$
  • Limited Liability – provided on their website

Still thinking – Is USA Funding Applications Legit? Don’t worry; continue reading, as we have covered that for you.


  • Everything has been mentioned on their website, which is very easy to use, even for the first-time users
  • Trademark and Copyright information has been given
  • A refund of the amount previously paid by the user will be shown in case of non-receiving of funding money
  • The website will terminate accounts that are related to Botnets
  • The technology used by them will provide all personal information
  • In case you don’t want to provide personal information, then you can opt out of it and can directly get it couriered
  • Five types of funding options are available on their website
  • The way how the website works are also given step by step
  • The reviews are also provided on their website
  • More than 20,000 applications are provided

Is USA Funding Applications legit? We will see whether it is legitimate and if that can be used or not, but before that, let us see its cons.


  • While opening the website, third-party websites might be opened for which they are not responsible
  • Children below the age of 18 years cannot use the website unless they are supervised
  • While using their services or ordering something, personal information will be asked and must be provided
  • The website might contain links to other sites
  • On one of the websites – the complaints board, customers have reviewed the website negatively
  • Their privacy policy is effective only from 2009 March 2nd.

Is USA Funding Applications Legit?

The pros of this website are fascinating, and it is easy to get convinced that it is a legitimate website for funding. But is it? After properly researching the users’ reviews, the website proved to be dissatisfying for many of them.

The fact that the company will refund money when you don’t receive the funding is fishy. You will pay the money first, and then how does it make sense when you are getting paid from your pocket? This raises suspicion, and hence it cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is not legit.

Customer Reviews


From 26 reviews, the website received an average of 2.54-star ratings. A few of the customer reviews are –

  • One of the users reviewed that after applying and filling out their application form, it proved futile as it did not fetch him anything.
  • After seeing the fees, one of the users stopped as he wanted to do more research, but to proceed, it required the prices to be paid, which disappointed him.
  • They claimed to provide business coaching, but one of the applicants never got any coaching.
  • A user has called their contact number and found the spokesperson very rude and, when called further, didn’t receive any response


About the question – Is USA Funding Applications Legit? I hope you have found the answer. A website does not become legit by quoting great quotes on its page about trust, and we must be aware of scams that waste our money and time.

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