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Have you come across a website where you can get paid for just watching? One such is Netflix Tagging, but is Legit? We must have watched many movies and shows on Netflix, but is it not interesting if you get paid for just watching?

While many offers are fascinating to hear, it is our responsibility before we proceed, as all of them might need to be validated. In this article, let us see if the website Netflix tagging is legitimate.

What is NetflixTagging?


As soon as you open the website, it confirms with you if you are sure you want to apply to become a Netflix tagger and get rewards. The process is quite simple, and you are supposed to check back with the site after 24 hours. It also shows that only limited spots are available.

Before we proceed more about this website and find out if the website – Is legit? Let us look into what a Netflix tagger means. Also known as editorial analysts, Netflix taggers are the persons who watch various shows and movies, and after watching them, they tag them with relevant metadata. 


Now we will look into steps on how to create an account on this website –

  • Open their website
  • Click on Apply Now
  • Fill in the required details 
  • Once you have entered your details, select the register option
  • You can proceed with the account once you verify it after registering

It has also been mentioned on their website that no prior experience or resume is required for the job.


  • Email – Unavailable
  • Work type – watch movies and shows and add relevant metadata
  • Qualifications showed – None
  • Mode of work – Work from home is available as all you have to watch 
  • Earnings – approximately 70,000 dollars in different states
  • Rewards – you can get gift cards like PayPal, amazon, etc.
  • Social Media – None
  • Location of the server -USA


  • Their website looks legitimate and easy to understand the way how it works
  • No resume is required to apply
  • Prior experience is not needed to become a Netflix tagger
  • You can also find about Netflix tagging on other websites, like fastsidehustles.
  • One can get around 50,000 per year.
  • It is a secure website
  • The IP address of the website is given


  • The applicants must be fluent in English.
  • After opening the website, you must give your phone and social security numbers.
  • By providing access to your data, if the website is a scam, your data is at risk and can be used for hacking.
  • The owner of this website has yet to be discovered.

Is Legit?

After reading the pros and cons, it might be confusing for the readers to decide on this question, but you don’t have to worry, as we have covered that for you; let us find out if the website is legit.


As tempting as the application procedure sounds, it is not the same. While the Netflix app is one such app that almost every individual installs to watch various shows and movies, it also provides jobs. 

One such job is Netflix tagging. As the name suggests, all one has to do is watch the shows and then provide relevant metadata and tag; by doing this, you can get. Though there are various jobs, this one needs to be validated. 

Customer Reviews


Now let us look at a few reviews of this website, which will further help us conclude: Is legit or not?

  • One of the users had reviewed that when they opened the website, there needed to be more information available, not just the hourly rate.
  • Another person has given their review stating a policy from Netflix where the employees are restricted from disclosing their income, and the fact that a person can earn 700$ was suspicious.


Now that we have come to an end, it can be said that just because a website has associated itself with a famous company and which is something used by users worldwide, it does not become legitimate. Even though the website looks well-designed and is easy to grab your attention, we can now answer the question – Is legit? Then the answer is no. 

Protect yourself and be aware. Do give us your valuable feedback and comment.

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