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Is wizza real? We all want to own luxury cars and branded watches and, much more. But, only a tiny section of our community is rich enough to afford them. But today, we bring you a website that claims to fulfill your dreams of big cars.

People of the United States come across new scams and fraud claims every day. In such a scenario, if a website claims to give a new Ferrari as a reward, it will be hard to believe. We have provided all the details about wizza to get you out of any predicament. Continue reading to know more.

What is Wizza? is an online portal that brings people together to support great causes. In return, they give out huge prices like luxury cars. They believe that millions of people giving small amounts mean more than few people giving out millions.


They harness the power of online platforms to bring change. Is wizza real? What are its policies:

  • Anyone can donate by buying tickets. But, they should be residents of the United States.
  • On buying tickets, you become eligible to receive huge prices.
  • You can work and support your favorite influencer on the website.
  • They have partnered with many upcoming talented Social media bloggers to raise awareness in less time.
  • It does not matter if you’re the highest bidder or donated some pennies. They randomly select the winner.
  • You can win epic items with small donations too.
  • Wizza takes charitable giving and turns it into viral, epic, wholesome content that raises awareness and pays dividends for good causes.
  • Your ticket purchases sponsor the events that help the community.
  • There is no involvement of any third party. Community leaders and creators control the impact of prizes.
  • The money put by people on prizes is divided into two parts. One part is for the website to benefit the community and spread viral causes with the help of creators. The other part is for buying the prize and advertising it.
  • Their contact address is 2155 E Warner Rd 85284 Tempe, Arizona.
  • You can call them on +1.4806242599 for more queries.
  • Email address is Wizza com@domainsbyproxy com

How to win a prize on Wizza?

If you wish to play by your luck and win a prize on wizza, we have provided a guideline to follow:

  • Make sure you start by using a device with an active internet connection.
  • Go to the browser and search
  • Load the webpage.
  • You will come across several featured prizes and old prizes.
  • Go through them and choose any of the preferred options.
  • The next page will have all details of the product you have chosen. You will also see the number of entries made and the date of the winner announcement.
  • Press enter now!
  • You will see the amount you have to pay for buying a ticket to win that product.
  • A form will open that will require your contact information and billing address. Fill in all details correctly. Press continue.
  • Next page is for payment details. Choose any of the payment options available and fill in your details.
  • Press enter and, your entry is confirmed.
  • Now you have to wait till the announcement to find out if you are the lucky winner.

You can also apply for double entry to increase your chances of winning. Visit their official rules page to know more about their guidelines.

Is wizza real?


Wizza was started in 2001 and has created clout since then. Several influencers have collaborated with them to join the great cause and help the community grow. It has an 84.7% trust score which implies that it is a reliable and secure interface.

The donations made as tickets sponsor content that can change the mindset of the people of the United States. They help in paying for commercials and promotions for needy people and important causes.

Wizza has some sketchy policies too. The prize claims of the website are unbelievably good. Even if they do give out prices, the probability of winning them is very low. Most kids and teenagers are attracted to such deceitful tactics because they want to achieve luxury items with an easy path.


There is no information about the owner of the domain. It is skeptical because wizza is an old and famous website. Due to various reasons, we cannot make any decision about its legitimacy.

Reviews on wizza

A lot of people have been searching about is wizza real? We located a mixed response on open platforms. Some people were disgruntled with their policies and outrageously called it a scam. They stated that it was a trick to attract dumb kids to waste their money.

A few reviews also suggested reporting them. There are several positive reviews on the official website of wizza. But, most of the old products and prizes have no comments.


They have provided valid links for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook and, many bloggers have posted content on their YouTube channels to promote wizza. You can go through them to get a better insight.


Is wizza real? Generally, websites with such claims come under suspicious radar and, the probability of winning any prize is very low. We found mixed customer feedback on various open sources. You can go through the platform and collect more information before investing in them. But we will suggest our readers be vigilant.

Social mediaYes
Trust score84.7%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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