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Are you looking to know is wowcher legit? Then, in this case, your search ends here. In this article, we provide you with complete information about this site which lets you decide whether you can rely on this site if you ever need to book a hotel and stay at a foreign place. 

Wowcher is an online site from the United Kingdom which assists us in finding hotels and resorts for any provided place. It is ultimately an online business. In recent times, there have been more scams going on with these online ventures. If you wish not to waste your money by falling into these traps, we need to see all the details and decide it’s legit. Let us proceed now. 

What is

Wowcher is an online business that is intended to provide hotel information for travelers across the world. Though the website is based in the United Kingdom, it offers a search facility for all the places around the world. Mainly, they serve famous places like Newyork, Paris, Orlando, Rome, Las Vegas, London, etc. 


The process of booking from this website is straightforward. You need to type the place that you need to travel to. Then, the algorithm will show all the nearby hotels, their facilities, prices, the food they offer, what not everything. Once you find the hotel that best suits you, you can click on the hotel to book. But, we need to clarify Is wowcher legit? So, let us proceed to see the specifications.


  • You can visit the website at: www(dot)wowcher(dot)co(dot)uk.
  • Contact address: They do not mention anywhere on the site.
  • Contact number: They do not mention anywhere on the site.
  • Email address: support(at)wowcher(dot)gmail(dot)com.
  • Payment: They accept all online payments, but you need to pay them once you book the hotel room, not when you stay there.

These are the specifications of this website. Not providing any contact details seems suspicious. But, let us see how it proves when the question is, Is wowcher legit? Comes!


There are a few advantages you can get when you use this website.

  • They offer services that are valid worldwide.
  • Their booking system is easy to follow.
  • They offer customer service 24/7 in over 15 languages.

Apart from these, there are no significant pros.


  • Contact details are hidden.
  • The email address mentioned is found to be invalid.
  • All the details of the hotel are copied from other websites.

Is wowcher legit?

As we have mentioned above, we have specific details that make us think the website to be suspicious. Let us see what they are?

They do not have any social media presence. In addition to this, all the content on the website is copied. Including the images and FAQ page, they retrieved the information from other similar websites.

Also, they hold a trust score of just 2%, which can’t be considered legit. If we have any issue with the booking or need more information, we do not have to contact the service provider.


These things convey that this website may not be reliable. But, to confirm it, seeing customer reviews would be a better option, right! So, let us know what reviews say. 

What are customer reviews of ?

On our research for reviews, we have found many responses from the customers over the web. For your better understanding, we are mentioning a few here. Let us quote them:

Rita says, “It is completely a scam. For a budget hotel also, they used five-star hotel room images. It is completely not trustable. At least, we will have the minimum sense to see the real images of the hotel, right! If you still want to trust them, your wish it is.”


Kim says, “I booked one hotel while being on a trip and showed the booking status in the hotel’s reception. But, to my surprise, the attendant told me that it was a scam website and they wouldn’t accept the booking. She also acknowledged that this had happened so many times before. I lost my money.”

Likewise, all the reviews are saying that they got scammed. So, it is not trustable.


We have put up all the hidden details about this website. If you still need a straight answer to the question, Is wowcher legit? We may say it is not a reliable website.

Social Media PresenceYes
Trust score2%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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