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Are you planning to read serious light reviews? Light is essential for our daily life. We need light for our everyday work. The brightness of light has a lot of impact on our everyday life. That’s why we need to focus on good lighting. Many lighting companies are available to serve you the best quality lights, but we have to double-check on every company and its quality and durability. 

This product is becoming popular in the United Kingdom. Many people are planning to buy these lights. But there are not enough reviews available on the Internet. We are here with a handful of specifications, pros, cons, and other important information related to this product.

What is serious light?

Serious light is a special kind of light which is giving brighter light in low electricity usage. There are many positive points hidden in the name of serious light. They are different in variation and type. Even this website has different kinds of light for other activities.


In this serious light reviews, we include a detailed section of the names of different category lights mentioned below.

  • Floor lights.
  • Table lights.
  • Wall lights.
  • High definition lights.
  • Alex range lights.
  • Classic range lights.
  • Lounge lights.
  • Bedroom lights.
  • Study lights.
  • Nomad light.
  • Roam light.
  • Cleanse light.
  • Tech holders for light.
  • Book holders for light.

An extensive range with variations of the collection stands out this website from other competitors’ websites.


  • Contact address: No valid information is available on the website.
  • Email Address: Hotline(at)Seriousreaders(dot)com.
  • Contact Number: No exact contact details are available for this site, but a call-back form is available in the contact us section.
  • Contact for enquiry: +440 1296390987.
  • Shipping: They avail shipping only in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Warranty period: They assured you of a five-year warranty.
  • Trial period: they provided thirty days of the trial period.
  • Payment method: Only online payments are available.
  • Payment options: You can clear all your payments with a credit card and debit card.


  • They provide high definition and the brightest light.
  • These lights are energy and electricity-saving lights.
  • They offer you a great range of different products in different categories.


  • On the official website, no official contact details are available to solve customers’ queries.
  • Not enough and sufficient information is available on the Internet. 
  • Not enough responses are public on the Internet.

What are the crucial product details?

In this serious light reviews, we include this segment to enhance your knowledge.This is a fully assembled product. This has the bulb feature included with the LED setup. The origin of the product is in the U.K. The Dimensions of this product are H152×Dia.24cm. The voltage is 3500K. The Lumen’s strength is 350.

Is serious light legit?


According to our analytical studies, this product is genuine. There are many hidden positive facts available about this brand and its outcome.

  • All security certificates and BBB certificates are available to secure your data and erase your doubts.
  • All products contain detailed descriptions and information on the official website.
  • Many third-party websites have many positive responses about the products.
  • We mark it a legit brand with 89% trust score.

We consider it as a genuine and good branded product with five years of warranty. 

What is the customer’s reaction to serious light reviews?

We found lots of positive responses about this brand and all of those products available in their categories.


Rihanna said,

 “All lights of this brand are bright and comfortable for eyes. They are super comfortable and smoothly accessible products.”

John said, 


“These lights have different varieties for different portions of the home and are perfectly suitable for every corner.”


Parameter Remark 
Trust score 89%
SSL certificate Yes 
Social media presence No 
Customer responses Yes 

Here is all the detailed information available about this brand and its products. They are genuine, in our opinion. You can opt for them if you want.

Suppose you want to share your views on serious light reviews and your experiences with this product in our comment box. We would love to hear from your side.


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