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Do you love to play Roblox? Today we will introduce you to itsfunneh Roblox, which gives you all the important information related to this Roblox YouTube channel.

Roblox is the most popular online video game. So many channels have come where every gamer tried to follow it. United States people love to play Roblox and want to do new experiments with this game. Are you ready to acquire more information about this? Let’s check out in detail.


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Nowadays, you can watch games on various platforms. Are you familiar with Roblox? If you are a Roblox player, you should know popular game channels on YouTube. Recently itsfunneh Roblox channel is in more demand.

A few words about a lady who made this channel more popular:


Itsfunneh is the name of the woman that belongs to Canada. She likes to upload game videos and blogs on YouTube channels. She is getting popular worldwide. She is known as Katherine’s nickname, Kat. She is 24 years old and creates goodwill in the market. She has created so many funny and engaging videos on YouTube. Kat family members belong to Canada, and all the siblings have grown up working in the family restaurant.

She has so many fan followings on YouTube, and she has even crossed 5 million subscribers. Her videos on YouTube are mostly related to Roblox and Mine craft. But that doesn’t mean that she had not played other games and introduce you to other games. She plays different games like human fall flat; tower unites, UNO, overcooked2, Ratty and catty, and many more.

How did her career begin? 

She started her career in high school, where she gets the chance on the channel. She came to the YouTube channel in the year 2011, and at that time, she had 4 million views on her videos which is a great achievement for her. In the beginning, she created her videos with her sister Kim. After completing her graduation, she again back to the channel and created the gaming content regularly.

A few words this channel revenue:


She has a very good net worth of around $10million which she has earned income through various social media platforms, sales, appearances, and many more channels. She has created good value in the market. Moreover, she sells other things also like t-shirts to backpacks in the market.

Itsfunneh Roblox

It is one of the most popular channels for Roblox on YouTube. Itsfunneh manages her channel very well. She posts her videos, live stream, Q&A Sessions, and many more things. Previously Kat was working with crew on the YouTube channel. But after reaching 4 million subscribers, she comes up with itsfunneh YouTube channel among the fans. 

From then, they are coming with several videos. She has worked on other channels like the krew, painting rainbows, golden glare, lunar eclipse, and draconitedragon.

Users reviews


As we have searched over the internet, we have found that the users in the United States are satisfied with this, and they found it pretty friendly. She is come up with funny videos which help in entertaining the users at the vast platform.


In the end, we can say that itsfunneh is getting popular among the countries and people like it very much. Itsfunneh has successfully created a huge fan base on youtube.

Have you checked itsfunneh Roblox on YouTube? What was your experience? Do share with us in the comment box.

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