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Are you looking to know Lancaster puppies reviews? Then, we have put up the honest thoughts here. Online business is the most common fraudulent way to earn these days. Though there are genuine ventures which offer products to their customers, more scams are happening too.

This online puppy selling business from the United States is getting a lot of negative feedback these days. So, in the following sessions, let us see the specifications of this site and at what rate customers trust this website. If you are curious to know, then pursue to read till the end. 

What is Lancaster Puppies com? 

It is a puppy business having more than 300 dog breeds available across the United States. The company is a way to purchase dogs that aren’t available locally. It has strict guidelines to ensure it only partners with reputable breeders.

Since Lancaster Puppies doesn’t sell or breed the puppies, provides the platform for this to happen, there are chances to doubt it. These types of businesses are generally related to money scams. They may or may not care about where the puppies on their site come from. It is a website where breeders can list dogs for sale. 


To confirm whether you can trust this or not, we will see Lancaster puppies reviews in the following aspects. 


  • Website link: Lancaster Ppuppies dot com.
  • Categories you can shop All breeds of dogs.
  • Contact information: 956 269 4402
  • Email address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment strategies: You can use a Visa card, Master card.
  • Delivery information: Dogs are shipped and delivered within 3-10 business days. 
  • Order tracking: You can track the status of your order from the website itself.

Let us see the pros, cons, and Lancaster puppies reviews in the following sessions.  


  • Dogs of all breeds are available.

Except for this, there are no advantages of buying from here.


  • The website is not well looking.
  • They copied Puppies images from the web.
  • No discounts are available.

Is Lancaster Ppuppies com legit?

It is essential to know whether a site is legit or a scam to prevent ourselves from falling into the trap of online fraud.


1. They do not offer offline shopping. 

2. They do not have any social media presence.

3. Customer response is available, but they are negative responses.

4. It is holding a trust score of 5%, which is not a good sign.


5. Customers don’t frequently visit the site, so the web traffic recorded is high.

These points may convey that the business is not legit and trustworthy. So, let us the customer feedback to know at what rate they are satisfied with the service.

What are Lancaster puppies reviews?

On our extensive research, we have found a few reviews. These are of mixed type. Let us have a look at them for our better understanding.

Rina says, “We found our perfect little guy, Bandit, on Lancaster Puppies. We drove from North Carolina to Ohio for pick-up. All shots and deworming had been done and properly recorded. Bandit was microchipped and very healthy. The Yoders provided food as well as a blanket with his MoMA’s scent. Wonderful experience.”


Vellie says, “I can’t even give them one star. I contacted them after I was defrauded by one of their listing Breeders, with specific information. The Breeder represented that the puppy was a Maltipoo—and it is a mix of five breeds. I have received no response from them, and they continue to allow this Breeder to list similar puppies on the site. The Breeder’s name is Bunny Hutchinson of Eden, New York, United States. Avoid her at all costs.”

Though it was a minor betrayal about the breeds, it is not so much of a scam.


As we have seen Lancaster puppies reviews, they say they are satisfied with their service. But, for god’s sake, the trust score is meager, which may make us think the website to be suspicious. So, we may suggest you take safety precautions if you want to buy a puppy from here. 

Social Media PresenceNo
Trust score5%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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