Nuubu Foot Patches Scam


Want to try Nuubu but are confused about is Nuubu foot patches scam? Nowadays, we are entangled in various professional and personal problems in our busy lives and forget to care for ourselves. These circumstances frivolously affect our health and skin. We must use something to heal our skin to its deep. Most importantly, our feet got affected very badly.

Many of us are unaware of our foot health and problems. Some people are now taking foot health seriously and searching for a great product to solve their problems. Here we came with all top-notch info about Nuubu foot patches to make you aware of all their benefits and drawbacks.

What are Nuubu foot patches?

Before knowing all the hidden facts about the Nuubu foot patches scam, you have to know the entire product in a healthy manner. This product is made with Japanese herbs and helps clean your feet and remove all kinds of dead cells.

It contains some unique and uncommon herbs and vitamins for a great result. We are disclosing all hidden names of all ingredients here.


A concise overview of all available herbs and vitamins in this Nuubu patches:

  • Loquat leaf.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Wood and bamboo vinegar.
  • Tourmaline.
  • Anion. 
  • Houttuynia cordata Thunb.

All these ingredients are not really common and readily available on the market. But these ingredients are working unbelievably well to reduce foot skin problems. 


  • Product price: €17.95 is the starting price of these patches.
  • Category: Skincare product. 
  • Available status: This product is available on the official site of Nuubu. And some store dealers are also selling the original products.
  • Payment mode: You need to pay online if you plan to buy it from an online website.

Nuubu exact pricing rates? 

It is essential to know the pricing rate of the product to judge whether Nuubu foot patches scam or not. 

  1. Box, which contains 10 Pads cost around €17.95 + €4.95. Shipping charges.
  2. Boxes which contain 20 Pads are available for €33.96 + €4.95. Shipping charges.
  3. Boxes that contain 30 Pads are selling at €45.96 + €4.95. Shipping charges.
  4. Boxes that have 40 pads are nearly about €55.96 + €4.95. Shipping charges.

Benefits of Nuubu: 

We must analyze all benefits of this product before marking the Nuubu scam. That’s why we present some valuable points about this product below. 

  • This product had based on Traditional Japanese Wisdom power: 

Nuubu was inspired by centuries-old traditional Asian knowledge. The company claims its development is based on Japanese acupuncture techniques “passed on by generations” and verified by “passing a test of time.” If you believe in the power of traditional medicine over modern medicine, then Nuubu may be the right detox patch for you.

  • This product contains natural Ingredients:

 Nuubu contains natural ingredients, including herbs and herbal extracts. Instead of cleansing your body with toxic components, Nuubu removes harmful compounds with natural ingredients.

  • This product helps to improve multiple Effects of Impurity Build-up:

    The makers of Nuubu claim that many physical and mental conditions are linked to impurity buildup. They claim their skin patches can help with brain fog, irritability, skin problems, constipation, weight gain, exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, body odor, muscle aches, and other symptoms of toxic buildup.

  • A Holistic Support is generating with the usage of this product: 

Holistic medicine targets your whole body instead of specific systems. It’s based on treating your body as an entire system of connected parts instead of individual units. According to the official website, the active ingredients in Nuubu claim to “help mind, body, and soul.”

  • This product is cost-effective and pocket friendly: 

At around $2 per skin patch, Nuubu claims to be a cost-effective solution. Some detoxification supplements cost $5 per serving or more.

Drawbacks of this product:

To clear our dilemma about the Nuubu foot patches scam, we need to look after on drawbacks also:

  • The product is only available online through the manufacturer’s official website and on some other selective offline stores.
  • Limited stock is available of this product.
  • A strict refund policy applies to it.

How to use this product? 

  1. Entirely remove a Nuubu detox patch from the package and place it in the middle of the foot sole. 
  2. Make sure the soft side of the patch is in contact with the skin.
  3. You have to use the same process, apply the second patch on the other foot or another part of the body.
  4. Wear the patches for 6-8 hours. 
  5. Users can wear them during the day, but the manufacturer recommends using them at night and removing them after waking up in the morning.
  6. Remove the patches and wash the feet.
  7. Continue enjoying your improved well-being.

Is Nuubu foot patches scam? 

According to our research, this product is not a scam but suspicious of its outcome because all owner details are openly available on the Internet. 

We can find some satisfied customers reviews on this website.  


They also implement some strict refund rules to their company policy. Based on all these circumstances, we can consider it a genuine company.

Is Nuubu foot patches a legit company?

We analyzed all underlying facts of this company. We prepare some valid reasons to mark this company as a legit one.

  • They ran their business for the past three years.
  • They have both HTTPS and SSL certificates to secure your private data.
  • They have enough information about their company and products to make customers believe in them.
  • They have great social media pages on Twitter with many followers.
  • Their official website is designed in a well manner with new features.


We try to cover all essential areas to feed all important updates related to this site to you. If you want to try it, use it on your safety concern for security.

You can also share your thoughts on the Nuubu foot patches scam in the comment section below. 


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