Paralyzed Veterans of America Legit


Paralyzed Veterans of America legit? Our soldiers spent their lifetime safeguarding us and, some of them even get paralyzed and disabled in the process. We must help them in their time of need.

PVA is an organization founded in the United States to help the paralyzed and disabled veterans who have served the country. The soldiers who are dealing with spine injuries need extra care because they can’t move. Here they help them in all physical and financial ways possible. Read further to know more.

What is PVA?


PVA stands for Paralyzed Veterans of America. It is an organization started in 1946 to help its members. They use the finances and the exceptional expertise of their members to provide health care services to the veterans of the United States army.

Some aspects of this organization are:

  • A group of soldiers after World War 2 created this organization.
  • They focus on the soldiers who have gone through spinal cord dysfunction. At that time, many facilities were not available. So, they helped each other with the knowledge they possessed.
  • Many soldiers who had past knowledge and experience of these injuries helped the community.
  • Providing research and education on the matter.
  • Many benefits are acquired by the members.
  • They spread knowledge about the special rights and oppy that are available for veterans.
  • This can help you during tough times.
  • Their motive is to help the soldiers who fearlessly fight for us and protect the country selflessly.
  • All services are available in America only.
  • PVA has always aimed at helping our heroes with disabilities for 75 years.
  • They have helped them through legislation & advocacy, legal representation, architecture, accessibility, veterans benefits services, and sports & recreational activities.
  • More than 21000 members and their families are a part of this platform.
  • Their mail address is National Headquarters 801 18th Street NW Washington, DC 20006-3517
  • You can email them for General Information and Donation Information
  • Their headquarters number is 1-800-424-8200

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How to become a part of PVA?


If you want to help these veterans or are one of them, you can be a part of PVA. Follow these steps:

  • Start by using any device with an active internet connection.
  • Use the web browser and search for and load the page.
  • Go through the entire website to get a better insight.
  • If you are looking for a way to donate funds. Then go to the menu by clicking on the three lines on the top right corner.
  • Select the option ways to give.
  • Next page will have various options of donation. Choose any one of them and follow the prompts.
  • If you want to become a member, go to the homepage. Select find support from the menu.
  • A new page will open you will see an option of membership. Click it!
  • The membership page shows all the eligibility criteria required and the benefits you will get.
  • Fill in the information and submit.
  • They will follow up with instructions for submitting your DD-214 and medical evidence of SCI/D.As medical evidence, you can have your physician complete this Physician’s Statement Form.

Contact them for further queries.

Are paralyzed veterans of America legit?

It is a 75 years old organization founded for the betterment of paralyzed veterans. All of their policies and terms are transparent. They host regular events and give prizes. Till now, they have helped millions of veterans and their families in need with almost $1 Billion. They Paid $78 million in Adaptive Housing & Automobile Grants and $948 thousand for SCI/D research & education in 2020. It is a legitimate platform but, we will recommend our readers to do a background check before affiliating with them.


Reviews of PVA

There is no doubt about Paralyzed Veterans of America legitimacy. But, it has not received a very satisfactory rating from people. It has 2/4 stars and, some people think that they are not correctly using the resources they receive. We found a mixed response where some people were satisfied with the services. Some people complained that they use most of the finance in giving high salaries to their staff members. We will recommend our readers weigh all of their options before affiliating with them.

They have provided their social media links for better engagement of the audience.



Are paralyzed veterans of America legit? Yes! It is a legit platform helping veterans. You must go through their website and take a look at their services and events hosted by them. Do read their reviews before making any decision about them.

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