Qatar 2022 Qualifiers Europe


Qatar 2022 qualifiers Europe? Football is the largest and most famous game in the world. Millions of fans wait for the FIFA WorldCup and, the breachers are pack with people holding banners. The wait is over because the next tournament is going is in 2022 in Qatar. 

People of the United States are crazy about football and, everyone is anticipating to know about the tournament. 55 teams have been fighting against each other. But, only 32 of them can reach the final championship. We have mentioned all the details you need to know about it.

What are Qatar 2022 qualifiers Europe?

It is a European qualifier tournament for all the teams associated with FIFA to reach the final. It started on 24 March 2021 and, the judgment will be pass on 29 March 2022. 

A total of 55 teams have participated and will play 150 matches. Till 8 September 2021, we recorded a total of 445 goals have been secured in this qualifier championship and the top players with seven goals are Memphis Depay and Aleksandar Mitrović.


The UEFA committee makes the qualifications guidelines. It will depend on several factors as the outcome of the 2020–21 UEFA Nations League. There will be different games in play-off stages and group-off stages to reach the final decision.

Format of the qualifications

It is the format of Qatar 2022 qualifiers Europe to be followed for the final selection:

  • The first stage is the group stage. There will be 5 groups and, each of them consists of 5 teams. Another 5 groups will contain 6 teams.
  • Every group team will fight and, only the best team will get directly selected from each of them as the qualifier.
  • Next comes the play-off stage, where the remaining runner-ups will face each other and, two national league winners will also participate in this.
  • There will be three contests and, the teams need to qualify all three to go for the world cup.

FIFA WorldCup 2022

The world is finally going to see the 22nd FIFA world cup in Qatar. It is the most prominent event of football teams of FIFA scheduled starting from 19 November 2022 and hosting the final event on 18 December 2022. 

Qatar is hosting FIFA on its grounds with 8 venues in 5 different cities for the first time. It is the last time that 32 teams get to be a part of this event. After this, there will be 48 teams that will fight for glory in 2026 on the grounds of the United States. It will be enthralling to see if France can secure its reigning title of World champions.


The cities of venue are:

• Lu sail

• Al Khor

• Doha


• Al Rayyan

• Al Wakra

But first, all the teams need to go through Qatar 2022 qualifiers Europe.

Controversies about Qatar hosting FIFA

There is a FIFA committee that decides the place for hosting the event. Several rumors of corruption got circulated since the announcement of Qatar’s win as a host and, a report by Sepp Blatter mentioned that they used Black ops to win this favor. 


But, members of FIFA have cleared all the doubts and claimed that Qatar is not responsible for any such accusations. 

The majority of the workers involved in the preparation of events are foreigners. They have left their country to earn money. Qatar has been involved in forced labor and undermined many human rights for these migrants. 

They are being held accountable for all these practices and facing criticism for the inhumane treatment. Many workers have died due to their poor work conditions. The government has made several policies since 2015 to improve its labor reforms and quit the kafala system. They have made decisions to protect migrant workers.


Qatar 2022 qualifiers Europe? It is an event that all football lovers have anticipated. You might miss the famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal and Lionel Messi (Argentina) so, Qatar needs to up its game. 

But, you must lookout for new players like Neymar. Go to the official page of FIFA for more information. Please, share your experience with us.

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