Rainbow Property Management Billing Montana


Want to rent a property from Rainbow property management billing Montana? That’s why you want to learn more about it. No worries! We are disclosing all details related to this property management. Nowadays, many people are investing in properties. And this is the reason behind the increment of such websites.

We gather each information from the Internet and present it here for your better knowledge. We are focusing mainly on the features, rental procedure, and new development of this company. Many things are waiting for you in our upcoming sections. Please go through it to solve all your queries and gained knowledge about Rainbow property.

What is Rainbow property management billing Montana?


Rainbow property management is a company based on billing Montana. They have been managing property and give it to rent since 1988. They avail their service only in the Yellowstone valley area. They serve their service to all renters, owners, professionals.

They have many portals on their website for easy access to customers.

A detailed list of different portals is available on their website:

  • Rentals
  • Vacancy list.
  • Get started.
  • Pay now.
  • Apply now.
  • Landlord portal.
  • contact us portal.

The sub-category of the rental portal:


There are seven sub-categories available on the rental for customer’s help.

  • Homes for rent.
  • Apartments for rent.
  • Different types of rental homes.
  • Rental apartments with the number of bedrooms.
  • Rental homes as per your financial situation.
  • Storage space.
  • Commercial space.

Specifications of Rainbow property management:

  • Company Address: 1417 13th St. West, Billings, MT 59102.
  • Contact Number: 406-248-9028.
  • Fax number: 406-248-4755.
  • E-Mail Address: No specific information is available on the website, but a portal for e-mail is available.
  • Web Site address: billingsrpm.com.
  • Category: Rental apartment property dealer.
  • Procedure Info: Call them in their office to schedule appointments to view the properties. You can also print out their rental application below, then e-mail, mail, fax, or bring it in to their office for further communication.

New development in Rainbow property:

Rainbow property management billing Montana recently added some new development in their property areas. We are listing down all new developments below.

  • Trailhead Townhomes.
  • Jasmine Circle.
  • Riverwalk.
  • Brookshire Village.
  • Cedar Grove.
  • Samuel Court.

What are the benefits of managing the property?


There are various benefits hidden behind the name of Rainbow property management billing Montana. We sum up all things here and present them in front of you.

  • They have licensed property managers. Who corporate with their customer in a friendly manner.
  • They are always updating their group with each new law and regulation.
  • They manage the property well. And these managers are professionals in advertising, screening, and rent collecting.
  • They have pro abilities in the maintenance of your precious property.

Is this service trustworthy?

According to our analysis and research, we can consider it legit but not trustworthy because some suspicious activities are found on the site. Even customer reviews are negative. We can found both HTTPS and SSL certificate on their web portal. They also have real social media accounts on the Internet.

Buyer’s opinion and reviews about this property management:


We found a great number of dissatisfied previous customer’s reviews on this site. Honestly, we were impressed with their services and website during the research, but customer reviews completely changed our minds. Stela said she has rented from rainbow company multiple times and has trouble getting her deposit back. She has lost most of her deposits to the maintenance guy coming in charging for labor and parts, so she called 3 times in the month before moving out to set up an appointment with this guy to go over repairs. She spent probably $200 replacing items and doing repairs just for them to charge me $426. Her experience is hilarious. Another customer said he had to pay more than the rent to the company to finalize his apartment.


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score45%
SSL certificateYes
Customer’s reviewYes (negative)
Social media presenceNo

Here is all about Rainbow property management billing Montana. Till now we serve all possible details about it to answer your queries. Hopefully, this is enough for your knowledge and awareness.

You can share your queries and experiences in the comment section below. We will try to solve those and keep in touch for more updates.

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