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Rbx.blue codes? Here we will be giving you a review of the platform, which claims to provide you with promo codes to generate free Robux after performing some very simple tasks.

Roblox is a phenomenal platform for gaming and is quite prominent in the United States. Roblox uses its currency called Robux for buying different in-game goods like game characters, weapons, skin, outfits, etc., for different games. This currency can be directly bought with cash, but most of the players look for ways to get free Robux. This is where sites like these come into the picture.

What is rbx.blue codes?

It is a website that claims to provide you with promo codes that can be used to generate free Roblox currency, known as Robux. 

Some of the promo codes are shared on its Twitter handle, but mostly promo codes have to be earned by completing some tasks given by the website. 


This website can ask you to do a survey, watch a video, download some apps and do a human verification as a part of the task. After completing these tasks, you will get a promo code.

After getting your promo code from the Rbx.blue codes, you need to go to the official website of Roblox to redeem your promo code. There you can use these codes to redeem your promo code and get your Robux. 

Although most of the sites claiming to provide such free promo codes and Robux are suspicious therefore we will ask you to be cautious while using this website.

How to generate Robux?

Looking for free Robux, these are some simple steps you need to follow to redeem your promo code :

  • The very first step is to make sure your device has an active internet connection before following any further steps.
  • Enter the website www.rbx.blue in the designated box and let the webpage load completely.
  • After the web page has been loaded, then you can follow the further steps.
  • The website will ask you to log in to your Roblox username in the designated box.
  • After that, you will be needed to choose the device you are using by clicking on the symbol of your particular device like apple, android, etc.
  • The website does not ask for any payment via any method.
  • After this, the website will give you some tasks to perform, including taking surveys, downloading apps, etc.
  • After completing these tasks, you will be taken to a web page with few options, including promo code, referral, withdrawal, and earn now.
  • You need to choose the option promo code to get the promo code you have earned.
  • After receiving the promo code from rbx.blue codes, you have to open a new web page.
  • You have to open the official site of Roblox to redeem the promo code you got from rbx.blue.
  • This page will show you a box where you have to enter the promo code that has not expired.
  • A box saying redeem will pop up. Press the box to redeem your Robux.
  • If your promo code works, you will receive a message regarding the Robux you have received.
  • You can verify by logging into your Roblox account whether you have received your desired Robux.

We have followed all the steps mentioned above.

Is the site rbx.blue legit or not?

No one can question the legitimacy of the platform Roblox and its currency Robux in the United States. It is one of the major platforms used for gaming, and people are always looking for ways to earn Robux.

These Robux are not so pocket-friendly for some people; therefore, they go for other ways to get free Robux. But most of the sites that claim to provide free Robux are suspicious and cannot be fully trusted. Even the Roblox developer also prevents the use of any such sites.

After doing a close inspection of the Rbx.blue codes, we found that the website does not provide the free Robux that it claims. We followed all the steps mentioned above but did not get the desired result. 


Therefore, we will not suggest anyone associate with the website, and we do not think that the website is legit.

What was our experience of the website rbx.blue codes?

After following all the tasks stated by the 

website, we were transferred to another web page which seemed a little suspicious and had no promo codes to provide. 

Therefore we immediately logged out of the website as there can be viruses that can damage your device. It was a complete waste of time because it takes a lot of time to do the surveys and other things, but we ended up with nothing. It is just like many other scam websites that claim to provide you with Robux. 


Our experience with the Rbx.blue codesmight not have been very good, but it can be different for different people. Hence we will suggest you be very cautious while dealing with such websites.

What is the review of rbx.blue codes?

Even though there is no review section on their website, they do have a Twitter handle. But the last tweet on their account was in 2020, and after that, they have not issued any new promo code.

Twitter: @rbxblue1

Some promo code 

  • STRANGENOOB : provide 1 robux
  • ROBUXIAN2020: provide 1 reward Robux
  • ALIVE: provide 1 reward Robux
  • Safiisback : provide 1 robux
  • STRANGE1K: provide 1 reward Robux
  • Woof: 1 Robux is yours


We cannot rely on such a suspicious website, which claims to give you Robux for free. Websites like Rbx.blue codesmust be handled with the utmost care, and you should immediately log out if you find anything skeptical.

Do share your experiences with us. We would love to know about it from our readers.

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