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Viva Aerobus is an airline with modern aircraft. In this article, you will know more about viva Aerobus and viva Aerobus reviews. Airways is the fastest mode of transport that is free from physical barriers. It can cover difficult regions like that of Mountains and Rivers easily and is considered one of the comfortable modes of transportation.

VivaAerobus is located in the United States. It is a low-cost airline with the youngest fleet in the region and is considered among the quickly enhancing careers in the world. They bring new offers every day that will amaze you. Ongoing further in the article, you will learn about its legitimacy and usage.

What is Viva Aerobus?


As mentioned above, Viva Aerobus is an airline that became the first low-cost carrier in Mexico, the United States departing from Monterrey and arriving in Leon. 

They offer you to find the best-priced flights for the destination you want to arrive at. It can also transport sports material and good musical instruments whose size and the normal luggage can accompany shape. 


The transportation will be carried out very carefully, but the basis of the transportation will be limited, i.e., at the own risk of damages of passengers.

 Detailed information

  • Viva luggage protection- you will be protected in case of loss or loot of your luggage. 
  • Viva special luggage protection- in this condition, your special luggage will be safely protected in case of loss or looting.
  • Viva travel protection- you can choose what kind of protection you want, be it Basic or Premium.
  • Protection in case of a Medical emergency- your medical expenses will be covered with this insurance. So you can choose which kind of insurance you want, i.e., Basic or Premium


  • URL-
  • Address- Monterrey International airport, Terminal C, Miguel Aleman Highway Km 24, Apocada, Mexico, United States
  • Viva lost baggage phone number- +52(81) 8215 0520
  • Other lost baggage phone number- +52(81) 8215 0196
  • Viva insurance Phone number- +52(55) 5169 3753
  • Email address-
  • Industry- airline 
  • Refunds- for refunds, you must complain to the site within 24 hours of the act

Payment methods of Viva Aerobus

  • Payment can be made using a credit card. You can pay using Visa or MasterCard.
  • You can also pay by cash if you purchase a ticket from IAMSA points of sale.
  • If you bought the viva Aerobus website, then payment can be made via the OXXO store.
  • You can make payment at the Banamex branch if the tickets were purchased online.

Pros of Viva Aerobus

  • It’s a low-cost airline; hence, it is easy to afford.
  • Helps you in saving your money by providing you with ground transportation.

Cons of Viva Aerobus

  • Viva Aerobus Reviews are not good enough.
  • They don’t provide your luggage security unless you buy their safety policy.
  • Additional taxes and charges may be applicable.

Is viva Aerobus legit?

  • VivaAerobus is a legal site that provides you with air tickets at cheap, easily affordable rates. 
  • It has been active in the United States for a While now, but the services provided are terrible. 
  • It has a very low rating of 2.5 which means it is mediocre and seems dubious. 
  • There are thousands of Viva Aerobus Reviews, but most of them claim their experience to be unsatisfactory. 
  • Onboard experience and seat comfort ratings are low as well. 
  • It is available on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In etc., so you can check the whereabouts of the site there as well.

Viva Aerobus Reviews

There are a lot of negative customer reviews making viva Aerobus suspicious. Customers claim it to be unsatisfactory and the services provided aren’t good enough. 


Some services will be provided to only limited customers and do not apply to all. They provide terrible customer service, and money isn’t returned easily. 

Many customers have complaints that refunding takes a lot of time and flights are changed last minute, resulting in wasting the time of passengers. 



We can say that viva Aerobus reviews don’t seem convincing enough from the information mentioned above, and the site seems suspicious. It gained many customer reviews, but most of them are accusing the site of not providing better services. 

If you still want to access the airline, you must do it at your own risk, being very cautious and considering all the measures and precautions needed.

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