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Roblox Extensions RoPro? Are you trying to find information on the extension that enhances your Roblox experience? Well, then you have come to the right place. (July 2021) >> Go through this piece to know more.

Roblox is a major online gaming platform among gamers and experienced a surge in its users during the lockdown period. Now people are looking for ways to better the Roblox experience with different effects and decorations. The RoPro extension does the same thing for gamers for both paid and unpaid subscriptions. This extension is mainly based in the United States. In this piece, we will brief you about the extension and help you verify its legitimacy. 

RoPro – A Brief Description

RoPro is primarily available on Google Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Safari. Dice first developed it in October 2020. The extension is handy for trading restricted items and Robux coins in Roblox. Furthermore, it generally enhances your web experience by adding additional features to your Roblox profile. 

The extension assists both the gamers and the developers. It provides various features like sandbox avatar, profile decoration, mutual friends finder, etc. The trade functions, however, are the most prominent ones. The RoPro extension is mainly based in the United States, but it extends its services worldwide.

Now, let’s look more into the Roblox Extensions RoPro.


  1. Domain Name: www.ropro.io 
  2. Extension Created on: 16- 10- 2020.
  3. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome & Firefox. 
  4. Company Address: 1629 K. Street N.W. Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006-1631, U.S.
  5. Developer: Dice.
  6. Owner Contact: dice@ropro.io.
  7. Support E-mail ID: support@ropro.io. 
  8. Social Media handles TikTok, Twitter, Discord.
  9. Subscription Packages: Free, Standard: $5 per month, Pro: $10 per month, Ultra: $20 per month.


  • Free subscription available.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Extremely useful.
  • Better trading options.
  • Legitimate.
  • Enhanced profile.


  • Numerous bugs and glitches.
  • Low trust index.
  • Hacking risk for some features.
  • A smaller number of features for the free tier.

What additional features does Roblox Extensions RoPro provide?

In this section, we will brief you about the additional features that RoPro provides to its users. 

We can divide the functions into two categories:

(General & Trading)

  • General Functions: under this category, developers can utilize the Avatar Sandbox feature to build games on Roblox. The profile status and the game-playing features help the gamers in maintaining their Roblox stats.

The most attractive tool in RoPro is the profile themes feature. Under this, the gamers can decorate their profiles according to their liking. Furthermore, the mutual friend’s feature helps people recognize their mutuals. 

  • Trading Functions: This feature is primarily available for the paid subscriptions; nevertheless, the free subscription package gives trade notifications. Mostly, this feature assists traders by showing them better offers, and it also makes the seller’s offers more visible to the buyers. 

How authentic is RoPro?

The Roblox Extension RoPro is entirely legitimate despite its low 🌟trust score of 8 out of 100. Many users have claimed that it enhances your overall Roblox experience. The details of the owner and the company address have been provided, and they are true. The contact information of both the owner and company are listed. 

The extension is present on numerous social networking platforms, and there is a vast promotional campaign on these sites. So, it can be concluded that the extension is authentic. 

What are the user’s opinions on RoPro?

We performed thorough research to find out what the users think about RoPro:

  • We interestingly found out that the users have given a 4.5 rating for its services. They were primarily satisfied with Roblox Extensions RoPro. They claimed that it works, and the features are good. 
  • However, some opined that the free subscription does not offer a lot of features. 
  • Some also informed us that there are some bugs, and they must fix them. A few experienced some glitches too. 
  • One of the reviewers warned others about the chances of getting your account hacked by using the group integration feature. 


Overall, RoPro is a very widely used extension by the Roblox players. It is pretty popular due to its exciting features that enable gamers to unlock extraordinary features on Roblox. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your Roblox experience, you must consider RoPro.

Please use the comments section below to share your experience with the RobloxExtensions RoPro and help others verify its legitimacy. 

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