Uiuul.com Reviews


Uiuul.com Reviews? Buying stylish furniture enhances the look of the arena where it is kept, whereas good and durable furniture gives you comfort. Shopping online provides us with a wealth of advantages and reduces our load to carry the items. 

The website is an online shopping store that offers you durable furniture made of good material. You can find several designer and long-lasting furniture here for different parts of your house. This article will help you in gaining more knowledge about the products that are offered by the site.

What is uiuul.com?


Uiuul.com is an online shopping store that got you covered with patio furniture, be it outdoor furniture or indoor furniture. They have sofa sets, seating sets, chairs, tables, all the furniture you require. You can also find a single piece of furniture here. 

The website may use some third-party links for other offers. It will collect a small amount of your personal information like name, address, email, phone number, etc., to contact you to keep you updated about new deals and your orders. 

It specialized in retail websites and was found in 2020. They ensure that their products offer you exclusive discounts, and their motto is “the best return.” They want to provide you high-quality products with the best customer service.


Detailed information-

  • Sofa Sets – you can find sofa sets, dining sets, and other furniture sets for outdoor or indoor purposes.
  • Garden swinging chairs – the good quality furniture for your gardens like Swinging chairs or a single sofa of different designs awaits you here.
  • Payment methods- the site offers PayPal to make payments. You can also use credit cards for payment.
  • Social media handling- not much information is available about their social media accounts


  1. URL- www.uiuul.com
  2. Address- Chengdu Yuanyansu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Ltd. 1st Floor, No. 746, Xishu Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China.
  3. Toll-free number- 86 19650110626
  4. Email- zikenden096@gmail.com
  5. Service hours- 9 am to 7 pm for seven days a week.
  6. Shipping charges- depending on the delivery destination, you will be charged accordingly.
  7. Delivery time- 5-7 days after the order has been placed.
  8. Cancellation- you can cancel the order before the product is shipped.
  9. Returns- Return requests can be accepted before 30 days of the purchase. Your request will be processed within 5-7 days.
  10. Refunds- Your refund will be processed after the company has received the returned product.

Pros of uiuul.com ✔

  • There is no minimum order quantity.
  • You get the free or low-cost mode of transport.
  • The site provides trending and stylish furniture.
  • It has a directory listing disabled.

Cons of uiuul.com ✘

  • Uiuul.com reviews are not satisfying enough
  • The site is recently created.
  • It has no mail server.

Is uiuul.com legit?


Uiuul.com offers you designer and stylish furniture and claims to fulfill the needs and desires of its customers. Yet, it has scored low customer service rating, and uiuul.com reviews are disappointing. The website earned a 🌟trust rating of 14.7 which means the website is dubious and cannot be trusted. It’s a Chinese online store, they import product from China for distribution.

There may be chances of malware and being scammed. The website’s domain was created in June 2021, but the website says that it was formed in 2020. It failed in providing good services and earning the trust of its customers. Hence, the site cannot be considered legit and seems a bit doubtful.

Uiuul.com reviews

The website doesn’t show many customer reviews on the online platform. They gained a low trust rating, and the customers have expressed their disappointment in the reviews. They say that they are not responsible for any damage or harm to the purchased good besides, you will have to take responsibility for that. 


The website seems dubious and, therefore, cannot be considered authenticate or legal. Their social media handling is also not entirely known. You must be cautious and should approach the website only after checking its details.


From the details mentioned, it is clear that uiuul.com reviews are unsatisfactory. Therefore, the site can’t be considered legal as it is unpopular, which means there may be a chance of fraud. The website must be approached only after checking its background. 

Henceforth, the site is not legit and trustworthy. You can also express your reviews in the comment section.

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