Want to learn more about the robux? No issues! We are here with all updates and information about these third-party sites. Everyone knows about the vast popularity of Robux. This game is currently trending in the U.S. Even recently, the name of this platform is spreading like fire Worldwide.

Here in this article, we sum up all the details of the Scam. gg website altogether. Here we discuss this website, how to get free Robux from it, redeem Robux from this website to your official Roblox account, and much more information.

What is a robux?

This website is a third-party website that promises you to give free Robux. They are offering an extensive range of Robux free on their website. A user needs to go to the website and fill to surveys to unlock the free Robux from this website.


Robux is the main currency of Roblox. This is a gaming platform where you can both design games and play them. Even you can also play thousands of other games on this platform. 

The entire Roblox world is working with Robux. You have Robux for playing some games on Roblox. You need Robux to buy your favorite Avatar and its accessories. 

That’s the only reason why most people are looking for free Robux everywhere. You can get Robux by playing the game available on the platform. But you can only get a limited amount of Robux from it.

Where to get free Robux? 

On the internet, you can get numerous ways to get free Robux. We are enlisting some ways where you can get free Robux.

  1. You can get Robux on various third-party sites which are offering free Robux. robuxis also one of them. They asked to answer some questions or fill some surveys to unlock free Robux.
  2. You can also unlock free Robux by downloading various applications. You need to search for such an app that is offering free Robux during the download.
  3. You can also get free Robux by selling your designed merchandise on Robux’s official site. 

How to get free Robux from this site?


We are revealing the Step by step guide about the process of earning Robux from this website.

  • Step#1- You need to go to the official websites of robux.
  • Step#2- Now press the claim free rewards portal.
  • Step#3- A survey is showing on your screen.
  • Step#4- Fill the survey form with all your details and complete it correctly.
  • Step#5- Press the submit button to end it.
  • Step#6- A portal of claim your reward will show on your screen. 
  • Step#7- Click on it and save it in your account.

You need to follow these seven simple steps to earn Robux from this site.

How to redeem Robux from this website? 

This procedure is also as easy as the previous one. robux is not a complex site to access. We mentioned a step by step formation to redeem Robux below;

  • You need to link your Roblox account with this website at the very first stage for a smooth redeem procedure.
  • Now, go to the login section and give your Roblox account details there for smooth transactions.
  • Else, you need to redeem Robux as a code from this website and put the respected code to the official platforms of Roblox for the Redemption process. 

Hopefully, you can get the actual guidance about the redemption process.

Is this website is legit?

According to us, This site is not a legit one. We can spot many drawbacks of robux. 

  • The authority found no valid SSL and HTTPS certificates.
  • Hundreds of negative responses are spotted by us on the internet.
  • Not a single satisfied customer review is available.
  • A brand new website.
  • Various kinds of suspicious activities are there on the site.
  • We remark it with a 0.8% of trust score.

We are unable to label it as a legitimate website. Low trust scores, suspicious activities are the main reason behind the fall of the trust score.

User opinion and reaction about this website?

All users are unsatisfied and angry with this siteNo positive review is available anywhere on the internet. 


Robin said, 

“I waste my precious 10 minutes on this fake site. They promised you to give free Robux after the survey but not transferred it to your account. An entire scam website. Stay away from such a website and save your time.” 


ParametersAvailability Status
Trust score0.8%
SSL certificateNo
Customer’s reviewYes
Social media presenceNo

Hopefully, you came across all the answers to your question. You are now totally aware of this side. Avoid this site as much as possible.

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