Smartbulb360 Reviews by Real Customers [NOV-2022]


As per the latest Smartbulb360 Reviews by the users this product is convenient to use and easy to install. However, there are some pros and cons which you must read.

This product has received enormous limelight these days. People have been curious about whether it’s worth buying or not, its pros and cons. But we have come up with a full stop to all your questions. Read the article to discover more.

About Smartbulb360

Why would a bulb receive that much attention? Because it stands out from the category of ordinary bulbs. The bulbs come with various other advantages besides enlightening your room. 


It has a camera and a speaker which are not in view to others. Spending a considerable amount of money on the installation of cameras for safety can be a reason for a few people to drop the idea. 

Smartbulb 360 has come to your rescue! Keep an eye on the activities of anyone who visits you with the minimum cost possible. The camera has 1080 full HD video, night vision, and 360 degrees coverage.

Smartbulb360 Reviews section is mentioned below; read its necessary details such as specifications, pros, and cons.



  • Email ID –
  • Contact number – Not available on the official website.
  • Cost- $7.45
  • Warranty Policy- The product is under warranty for 1 year from the purchase. If you face issues such as the fuse of the bulb or the blinking of the bulb, you can ask for repair. 
  • Manufacturer- OZS
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  •  Return policy- The company offers a 30 days return policy.


  • Can be operate with your mobile phone.
  •  Wireless
  •  Included with two-way audio system
  •  No monthly fee is charged by the company
  •  Microphone speaker has a noise filter 
  •  Easy to install


  • According to Smartbulb360 reviews, voice activation automation is a major issue in the product.
  • A single bulb can’t be bought.

Is the product Smarbulb360 worthy for you?

Before investing in any product, it is essential to confirm whether the brand or company is legit or not? We have researched and brought you the information about its legitimacy in a precise manner to ease your work.

The official website of smartbulb360 has all the security certificates which ensure the security and privacy of your data and information. 

Various trusted online shopping sites such as Amazon, sell their products, which is a positive sign for the customers to go for the product. On the other hand, the brand is not accredited by BBB, which keeps it under suspicion. 

What are the Smartbulb360 Reviews by the customer?


Reviews are an integral part of any product. Most of us rely on reviews by experienced customers for better understanding of the product and decide whether or not to it is useful according to our needs and requirements. It is helpful in verifying the brand’s claims about its products.

On Amazon, 34% of the buyers have given the product a 5/5 stars, followed by 31% of buyers who have given it 1 out of 5. The overall rating is 3.1 out of 5, according to 448 reviews.

Most people have said that the bulb didn’t stand up to their expectations. The camera installed doesn’t provide a wide range of views as claimed by the brand.


Others have reviewed that the quality of the video is good and the night vision is also quite impressive. A few people have opined that the light could have been brighter as that is the main purpose of a bulb.

Users have referred to the product as user-friendly because of interactive recording and wireless control.


Considering Smartbulb360 Reviews, it is a nice product and won’t be a waste for you. Even though the area covered is not that wide, you get surveillance without causing much harm to your pocket. It has multiple uses. 

Do share your thoughts on and experiences with smartbulb360. Let us know if this article, Smartbulb360 Reviews was useful or not in the comment section below. 

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