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What are the facts of snowverb reviews? In winter, one of the most popular activities is ice skating and skiing.

In those winter activities, you need to have some critical equipment. Finding that equipment and essential clothing online is a hassle. There are several crucial available on various websites. You can find several websites on the Internet. But the main problem is their legitimacy.

Snowverb is a website that offers an extensive range of essential winter products to offer people. We are sharing a lot of crucial information related to their available categories, price, policies, specifications, and legitimacy checks to answer is snowverb legit or not?


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About snowverb

Snowverb is a website that offers various winter and snow-related products. They have a great collection which attracts the people but more than the collection another fact is attracting which is snowverb reviews.

Nowadays, it is important to check the legitimacy of a website before buying it.

What are the different products available on the snowverb?


You can find various products on this website that are helpful for your winter vacation. We created a list of all available products to let you know about the variety of the products.

Firstly, there are nine different major categories available. Which are:

  • New in the trend section 
  • Night riding section 
  • Couple style section 
  • Men section 
  • Women section 
  • Kid section 
  • Sale 
  • Streetwear section 
  • Brand 

Apart from these categories, different kinds of clothing and other stuff are available:

  • Women and men snowboard jackets
  • Women and men ski jackets 
  • Women and men down jackets 
  • Women and men hoodies and fleece jackets 
  • Women and men base layer
  • Casual streetwear
  • Snowboard pants 
  • Snowboard bibs
  • Ski pants 
  • Ski bibs
  • Protective gear
  • Protective knee pads
  • Snowboard gloves
  • Mittens
  • Ski gloves and mittens 
  • Snowboard goggle
  • Ski goggles 
  • Neck warmer snow socks
  • Snowboard face masks
  • Snowboard bag
  • Snow hats 
  • Beanies
  • Snowboard helmet 
  • Ski helmets

Snowverb Specifications 

  • Contact address: No valid address is available on this website.
  • Phone number: not given on their contact us portal.
  • Store locator: Not available.
  • Delivery: All items are delivered within 15 to 19 days.
  • Shipping: The product is shipped within 72 hours after ordering.
  • Tracking: Not available.
  • Returns: No information is provided regarding returns except that the client needs to take care of the return shipping fee.
  • Refunds: Refund policy is not present on their policy.
  • Email address: 
  • Mode of Payment: In USD, However, the transaction method is not given on their website.


  • Free shipment is available on the purchase of $125.
  • 60% discount available on branded shoes on the snowverb.


  • No physical address is provided on the website of snowverb.
  • Most of the content on this website is copied from several sites. It is unclear if this is selling authentic products or not.

Is Snowverb legit?


According to our snowverb reviews, this website is not trustworthy and fake. The presence of this website is suspicious, and we are sharing some points that will help you clear your conception.

  • We mark this website as fake with a 4 % trust score.
  • All social media links are not working correctly.
  • No sufficient information is on their platform.
  • Information related to refund and return policies is not shared.
  • Suspicious activities are found all over the website.

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snowverb reviews

According to our analysis, the overall snowverb reviews are negative. In our final decision, there are drawbacks, questionable matters, suspicious activities, and scam cases, and that’s why we can’t consider it a legit website.


According to us and in previous customer’s responses, it is better to avoid such a website. Because many customers are unsatisfied and angry with their services.

No one is getting their products, and many of them are getting broken accessories that are not returnable.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 4% 
Social media presence No  
Customer opinion No    

Here are all details related to snowverb reviews. The final verdict is adverse. The website is a scam company and doesn’t deliver any product, or if they deliver the product, they all are broken. It will be the best decision if you avoid this website.

If there is anything you want to share with us, our comment box is widely open for sharing your opinions. We would love to see your significant reactions in our comment section. 

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