Successful Tips on How to Write a College


Are you struggling with your college essay? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Essay writing is often said to be a bane for college students. Unfortunately, your dislike of the essay is not enough to warrant an exemption.

With the plethora of activities to cater to, you may find yourself juggling tons of assignments. For this, students buy essay for college to stay abreast with their academic responsibilities. Essay writing mastery is essential for preparing essays in limited durations and securing a decent score.

This article aims at guiding you in the process of approaching college essays, ensuring a great score with little stress.

1.     Choose a topic that interests you

Topic selection is of the key essence for essay writing. Selecting a topic that piques your interest allows you to perform quality research and exhaust various arguments in your essay.

When choosing your college essay topic, start by brainstorming ideas within the essay prompt and consult various emerging issues within your field. Doing this will allow you to gauge the options at your disposal and also how extensively a topic has been covered. 


Ideally, avoid topics subject to various research as they may limit your arguments, increasing the risk of procrastination. 

2.     Consult your peers

Before settling on an essay, you should consult peers in advanced classes and experts on various platforms. After sharing your list of possible topics, friends can help you gauge the most interesting one and guide you on various perspectives to argue your case.

3.     Research

Research is the backbone that ensures the integrity and quality of your paper. A poorly researched essay leaves a lot of room for criticism, limiting your final score.

When addressing research, start by gathering materials related to your topic. For this, you may either consult your librarian or run keyword research on various academic platforms. Also, consider checking Wikipedia and refer to the sources in the references section for secondary resources. 

4.     Prepare an outline

After jotting down various arguments and pieces of evidence, prepare an outline of your arguments. The outline should ensure that your arguments have a flow, guiding your leader on the process that led to your conclusion.

We recommend you consult your tutor or an editor to analyse your outline. These professionals will highlight the ideas that may need deeper investigation and inform you of the feasibility of your paper. 


With this, you can go back to the drawing board and seal various holes or select another topic before your writing time elapses. 

5.     Start early

Many students usually overestimate the time at their disposal and ignore the essay until a few days before the deadline. As a result, the students have little time for thorough research and quality revision.

When writing your college essay, we recommend you start early to have ample time to write and edit your paper. This approach will allow you to take necessary breaks, reducing the stress associated with college essay writing.

6.     Write the introduction last

The introduction is a key part of your essay that requires much thought. Starting with the introduction may prove a hectic task as you are unsure of the arguments you will cover in your paper. 

This leads to a risk of covering ideas that you may opt to remove from your paper. Ideally, save the introduction for last when you are properly acquainted with the claims of your paper. 

7.     Chunk your work into phases

Thinking of your essay as a single task may often inspire procrastination. If you break it down into smaller units, however, you may find it easier to address your paper. 


As such, start by chunking your essay writing into phases and preparing a schedule for your tasks. Also, set deadlines for the achievement of each milestone to inspire a sense of urgency and to gauge your progress.

You may consider employing incremental rewards to associate your goals with a positive stimulus. This approach may also be used in daily writing sessions to ensure the steady achievement of your larger goal.

8.     Take time off

Writing a college essay can be daunting. The extensive research and focus on tying down various ideas to make a strong argument often causes mental exhaustion over time. 

Ideally, plan for a break before each milestone, regaining your focus for the next part of your paper. Also, employ the Pomodoro technique in each writing session to ensure maximum productivity.

If you are limited in time, consider essay writing assistance for editing to get ample time for research and writing without compromising your mental wellbeing.

9.     Take note of the rules

Before you dive into writing your essay, check the various rules provided by your tutor in the essay prompt. These rules may include the word count, referencing style, and deadline of your paper. 


You may consider writing these rules and having them as a guide throughout your essay writing. 

10.  Ask for help

You may find yourself in a position where you have too many obligations on your hands. Thus, you struggle with writing your essay. When facing such a challenge, consider expert help for various phases of your writing.

For this, you may select one of the many cheap essay writing services with a reputation for offering quality help. Also, consider consulting your peers and using various writing tools to finetune various steps of your essay writing. 

11.  Express your opinions

Writing a paper that lacks personality is bound to bore your readers. When writing your essay, spice it up with original claims and show how various sources support your claim. You can express your beliefs and points regarding a topic, showing how various counterarguments are misplaced. 

This approach ensures that you retain your focus through your essay writing process, keeping you on track until you achieve your goals. 


Writing a college essay should not always cause you stress. These tips should come in handy to help you manage your college essay and secure a decent score. 

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